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hastymail(sfnet) Hastymail Hastymail is a fast, secure, rfc-compliant, cro... DOWNLOAD
jfacets(sfnet) JFacets JFacets is a framework that adresses profiling ... DOWNLOAD
dconfig(sfnet) Dynamic Configuration Toolkit Achieving dynamic application configuration wit... DOWNLOAD
avsnakebite(sfnet) Snake Bite This is a network lagger, built off of HIVEMIND... DOWNLOAD
cpp-trace(sfnet) cpp_trace The cpp_trace is a flexible and compact logging... DOWNLOAD
pyparasol(sfnet) Parametric Solutions (parasol) Parasol is a python framework in which mathemat... DOWNLOAD
gridsterjs(freshmeat) gridster.js gridster.js is a jQuery plugin for building int... DOWNLOAD
noko(sfnet) noko Noko aims to a be a suite of software tools for... DOWNLOAD
openh323(sfnet) OpenH323 This project has been superseded by OpalVoip (h... DOWNLOAD
yume2(sfnet) yume2 - easy way to make custom menus yume is a menu system with user-variable shell ... DOWNLOAD
hexkeycodefinde(sfnet) HexKeyCodeFinderAndMapper Hex Key Code Finder is a program writted to mak... DOWNLOAD
realityeditor(sfnet) GameDirector GameDirector Ver 0.1 Devlopment Build 16G ( 13-... DOWNLOAD
rfccwsvn(sfnet) RFCCWsvn DOWNLOAD
pbimaker(sfnet) pbimaker Create Packages PC-BSD Tool (PBIs). DOWNLOAD
wackowiki(freshmeat) WackoWiki WackoWiki is a small, lightweight, handy, expan... DOWNLOAD
yumbiff-applet(sfnet) Yumbiff Applet Yumbiff applet is a gnome panle applet that per... DOWNLOAD
jagendaj(sfnet) JAnnotation JAnnotation is an annotation engine which helps... DOWNLOAD
tstl2cl(sfnet) Translate STL 2 C Language A pure C library translated from C++ Standard T... DOWNLOAD
joxsi(sfnet) Java XSI Library joXSI is a .XSI 3D model file importer for Java... DOWNLOAD
socnetbots(sfnet) Social Network Bots Open source project for bots that can be used o... DOWNLOAD
encryptdecrypt(sfnet) Encryptdecrypt Encryption and Decryption Software that allow y... DOWNLOAD
drivertexeditor(sfnet) drivertexeditor A utility for extracting and reimporting textur... DOWNLOAD
rb2midi(sfnet) Rock Band to Midi Translates input from the Rock Band 2 instrumen... DOWNLOAD
dvvse(sfnet) dvvse Another syntax editing VCL-based component for ... DOWNLOAD
nibble(sfnet) Nibble Script Engine Java based generic scripting engine with dynami... DOWNLOAD
csql(sfnet) CSQL Main Memory Database / Cache CSQL - suite of three products, embedded relati... DOWNLOAD
voxy(sfnet) Voxy Voxy - the simplest way to integrate VoiceXML a... DOWNLOAD
python-sybase(sfnet) Sybase module for Python This Sybase module provides a Python interface ... DOWNLOAD
plumeria(sfnet) plumeria A simple, portable, and reliable image viewer/o... DOWNLOAD
apestool(sfnet) APES-Tool APES is a software tool that visualizes process... DOWNLOAD
ssdiag(sfnet) ssd - Simple Settings Dialog Simple Settings Dialog (ssd) enables a script a... DOWNLOAD
gilles(sfnet) Spreekbeurt Godsdienst 2/12/10 Dit is mijn spreekbeurt DOWNLOAD
uu-installer(sfnet) uu-installer The Universal Unix-Installer are 2 perl scripts... DOWNLOAD
alerbtree(sfnet) Red black tree C# class AleRBTree C# generic class for manipulating and... DOWNLOAD
mdquery(sfnet) MDQuery MDQuery is a multi-dimensional aggregation clas... DOWNLOAD
ultima(sfnet) nitro++ Lightweight, cross-platform, object-oriented li... DOWNLOAD
deltax(sfnet) Delta X Delta X will be a hang glider simulator based o... DOWNLOAD
smallplay(sfnet) Smallplay Smallplay is UPnP renderer, which should suppor... DOWNLOAD
jsrsa(sfnet) JSRSA JSRSA is a Javascript/PHP implementation of RSA... DOWNLOAD
bifferboard(sfnet) Bifferboard Software relating to the Bifferboard embedded L... DOWNLOAD
portalapi(sfnet) Portal API Portal API is a framework written in PHP to dev... DOWNLOAD
dvdisaster(sfnet) dvdisaster Additional error correction for CD, DVD and BD ... DOWNLOAD
dawgpaws(sfnet) DAWGPAWS DAWGPAWS is a suite of command line programs wr... DOWNLOAD
yummy(sfnet) Yummy A add-on Python script to search li... DOWNLOAD
enedte(sfnet) ENEDTE ENEDTE - ENcore un EDiteur de TExte - est un si... DOWNLOAD
ploinfaces(sfnet) ploinFaces with ploinFaces you can define a flow for a JSF... DOWNLOAD
javagit(sfnet) javagit Bringing the power of Git to Java developers, J... DOWNLOAD
ddlutilsservlet(sfnet) DDLUtils Servlet A servlet (or a bunch of servlets) to access a ... DOWNLOAD
oncepd(sfnet) OncePD This is a project for performance prediction of... DOWNLOAD
ploinmailfactor(sfnet) ploinMailFactory The ploinMailFactory is a mailing framework tha... DOWNLOAD
wiihomebrewinst(sfnet) wiihomebrewinst The Wii Homebrew Installer is used to install W... DOWNLOAD
iwaypatrol-ose(sfnet) IwayPatrol OSE IwayPatrol-OSE is an open source web filter for... DOWNLOAD
luasp(sfnet) luasp Lua Server Pages is an easy open source scripti... DOWNLOAD
vbmtool(sfnet) vbmtool Easy to use, lightweight, interactive shell for... DOWNLOAD
mslb(sfnet) My Simple LogBook MSLB is a crossplatform Simple Logbook program ... DOWNLOAD
scratchcomp(sfnet) ScR4tCh's component package (java awt) This package is a tool set for awt based applic... DOWNLOAD
spy2servers(sfnet) spy2servers Spy2Servers's purpose is to build a flexible, c... DOWNLOAD
pashyper(sfnet) PasHyPer Pascal Hypertext Preprocessor. A preprocessor f... DOWNLOAD
korais(sfnet) korais Create Keymaps with up to 3433 characters of Un... DOWNLOAD
micromvcme(sfnet) MicroMVC J2ME J2ME MVC framework based on model-view-controll... DOWNLOAD
mbitar(sfnet) mbitar Mbitar was initially a utility to transcode mus... DOWNLOAD
universalconver(sfnet) Universal Converter Converter which is capable of converting xml ba... DOWNLOAD
kftp(sfnet) KFTP Software comes from A ... DOWNLOAD
portablescribus(sfnet) Portable Scribus Portable (on-the-go) version of Scribus, an awa... DOWNLOAD
newpad(sfnet) Newpad Newpad is simple text editor based on the MS Wi... DOWNLOAD
joschyd(sfnet) joschyd Yet another watchdog daemon is watching your sy... DOWNLOAD
antonio24(sfnet) Antonio24 cms/cmf developer with smartcard authorization... DOWNLOAD
kontaweapp(sfnet) Kontawe, aplicación web de contabilidad Aplicación Web de Contabilidad en javascript. ... DOWNLOAD
expertomica-eda(sfnet) Expertomica Metabolite Profiling EDA is Graphical User Interface and Matlab comp... DOWNLOAD
database(sfnet) simple swing database Simple swing database is a small platform indip... DOWNLOAD
htl2xta(sfnet) htl2xta Htl translator to XTA (Uppaal). DOWNLOAD
yessh(sfnet) yessh yessh is a bash project with autologin and pass... DOWNLOAD
clickstats(sfnet) Click Stats Click Stats uses Web 2.0 technology to capture ... DOWNLOAD
ipv6stego(sfnet) IPv6 Steganography Encoder and Decoder This project consists of a program written in P... DOWNLOAD
linradiant(freshmeat) LinRadiant LinRadiant is a level (map) editor for FPS game... DOWNLOAD
xins(sfnet) XINS XINS is an open-source Web Services technology,... DOWNLOAD
syncdet(sfnet) SyncDET A Distributed Experimenting and Testing harness... DOWNLOAD
usertracking2(sfnet) UserTracking 2 UPDATE: As of Fri. April 10th, 2009, UserTracki... DOWNLOAD
visualnxc(sfnet) Visual NXC Visual NXC is a conceptual IDE for NXC (Not eXa... DOWNLOAD
neformal(sfnet) neformal Neformal is a small QT4-based audio player. No ... DOWNLOAD
vbjokes(sfnet) vb Joker vb Joker is a small interactive application tha... DOWNLOAD
railgun(sfnet) railgun DOWNLOAD
wwwswitcher(freshmeat) wwwswitcher wwwswitcher is a script that makes it easy to c... DOWNLOAD
dftt(sfnet) Digital Forensic Tool Testing The Digital Forensic Tool Testing (DFTT) projec... DOWNLOAD
des3bashwebsite(sfnet) DE S3 Bash Website Backup A bash script to automatically backup webserver... DOWNLOAD
thunderretract(sfnet) ThunderRetract ThunderRetract implements client-side eMail ret... DOWNLOAD
mediascraper(sfnet) mediaScraper An flexible CLI meta-data scraper written in PE... DOWNLOAD
ucon(sfnet) ConWin Micro win32 console wrapper. A fast, lite, term... DOWNLOAD
webattery(sfnet) Webattery This project is for showing current battery pow... DOWNLOAD
fsm4j(sfnet) fsm4j A general purpose Finite State Machine written ... DOWNLOAD
dungeonmap(sfnet) Dungeon Mapper Dungeon Mapper is a tool that helps you map you... DOWNLOAD
jacksms(sfnet) JackSMS send short message for free. DOWNLOAD
phpdog(sfnet) PHP Dog PHP Dog is a process watchdog written in PHP. T... DOWNLOAD
mp3sorter(sfnet) MP3 Sorter Command line utility for sorting MP3 files base... DOWNLOAD
adminer(sfnet) Adminer Adminer (formerly phpMinAdmin) is a full-featur... DOWNLOAD
held-location(sfnet) Open Source HELD Client and LIS This project provides and open source implement... DOWNLOAD
flaskmpeg(sfnet) FlasKMPEG FlasKMPEG. An MPEG transcoding program. DOWNLOAD
hitsql(sfnet) Hitsoft SQL Object Library Database access library that allows to user to ... DOWNLOAD
bad-backup-daemon(freshmeat) BAD (BAckup Daemon) BAD (BAckup Daemon) "watches" a direc... DOWNLOAD

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