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pdf-designer(sfnet) PDF-Layout-Designer .Net-Control for PDF creation with dynamic Cont... DOWNLOAD
quietsintros(sfnet) Intros DOWNLOAD
xzgame(sfnet) XZgame No description DOWNLOAD
debris-kbe(sfnet) Debris Debris is a collection of tools, libraries and ... DOWNLOAD
webim(sfnet) Mibew Messenger 1.x "Mibew Messenger" - is unique softwar... DOWNLOAD
idbweb(sfnet) iDbWeb A web based repository and interface to the CSV... DOWNLOAD
lotrolauncherx(sfnet) Auto Lotro Launcher This software is an automatic launcher for Wind... DOWNLOAD
midpdebugger(sfnet) MIDPDebugger J2ME MIDlet for discovering device's bugs and f... DOWNLOAD
commons-jdk14(sfnet) Commons-jdk14 The Commons-jdk14 is a project focused on all a... DOWNLOAD
ufm(sfnet) Upload File Manager Mysql based upload/dowload manager with user sy... DOWNLOAD
commons-jdk15(sfnet) Commons-jdk15 The Commons-jdk15 is a project focused on all a... DOWNLOAD
modauthzsvnx(sfnet) mod_authz_svn_x A modification of mod_authz_svn to utilize the ... DOWNLOAD
chiguirexpress(sfnet) chiguirexpress Proyecto de software libre de un mini navegador... DOWNLOAD
chineseflashcar(sfnet) Chinese Flashcards A program for learning about chinese characters... DOWNLOAD
letterpress(sfnet) letterpress 活版は、宣言型のカスタマイズとWindowsのメモ帳の... DOWNLOAD
gazie(sfnet) GAzie - Gestione Aziendale Multicompany finance application written in PHP... DOWNLOAD
url-shorten(sfnet) urlshorten urlshorten service developed in try it a... DOWNLOAD
editarea(sfnet) EditArea Here is EditArea, a free javascript editor for ... DOWNLOAD
p3scan(sfnet) p3scan P3Scan is a fully transparent scanning proxy-se... DOWNLOAD
oovcde(sfnet) oovcde The Oovcde project is a C++ development environ... DOWNLOAD
bionotate(sfnet) BioNotate BioNotate is an open-source web-based tool for ... DOWNLOAD
excelspy(sfnet) Excel Spy Excel Spy is GUI application which is intended ... DOWNLOAD
test-1(sfnet) test it is the first test in sorceforge DOWNLOAD
se-jcr(sfnet) Spring JCR extension The Spring JCR Extension (se-jcr) has been desi... DOWNLOAD
nutshelloutline(sfnet) nutshell outliner Nutshell is a cgi program that's a kind of html... DOWNLOAD
jaas(sfnet) eDesk A java assignment submission system which lets ... DOWNLOAD
smartgamepanel(sfnet) smartgamepanel Web-based games designed to manage, PHP script.... DOWNLOAD
sprut-fw(sfnet) Sprut framework Persistence framework. DOWNLOAD
maemopadplus(sfnet) Maemopad+ Tree-based notes application with sketch suppor... DOWNLOAD
wax(sfnet) wax Sprite based Löve shooting game. DOWNLOAD
petersupdater(sfnet) Peter's Updater Peter's Updater is a program to synchronize loc... DOWNLOAD
terraincognita(sfnet) A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita A Proper Empire: Terra Incognita is a modding p... DOWNLOAD
floyd(sfnet) Floyd Floyd is a collection of 3D libraries, mathemat... DOWNLOAD
wdkeclipseplug(sfnet) WDK Eclipse Plugin An Eclipse plugin for developing Documentum Web... DOWNLOAD
statpatrec(sfnet) StatPatternRecognition The package implements a variety of tools for c... DOWNLOAD
project-lsp(sfnet) Project LSP Project LSP aims to create various scripts, plu... DOWNLOAD
sigoa(sfnet) Sigoa The Simple Interface for Global Optimization Al... DOWNLOAD
qirda(sfnet) Qirda Qirda is aiming to be a comfortable data exchan... DOWNLOAD
glmark(sfnet) GLMark A 3D benchmark comparing the different features... DOWNLOAD
astguiclient(sfnet) Asterisk GUI client, VICIdial This software suite is designed to extend the f... DOWNLOAD
visioemfbridge(sfnet) Visio-EMF Bridge The Visio-EMF Bridge offers the transformation ... DOWNLOAD
nguess(sfnet) nguess The N-Guess software provides forum and bulleti... DOWNLOAD
evtouch-calibra(sfnet) evtouch-calibrator LibGlade based, graphical calibrator for evtouc... DOWNLOAD
simplytrain(sfnet) SimplyTrain A train simulation (aka game) written in Java. ... DOWNLOAD
pspluaedit(sfnet) PSPLuaEdit ++ Project for PSPLuaEdit ++ IDE Lua for PSP DOWNLOAD
yepos(sfnet) yepos yepos is a dictionary program for PalmOS. migra... DOWNLOAD
bommatux(sfnet) BommaTux Traffic measuring system for Pandora (now Telen... DOWNLOAD
remotetracker(sfnet) RemoteTracker This is an Antitheft software with a SIM card c... DOWNLOAD
screensaver(sfnet) Screensaver HTS LIMS Screensaver is a Lab Information Management Sys... DOWNLOAD
zelda2-remake(sfnet) Zelda2 - Remake This is a remake of the Zelda 2 NES title that ... DOWNLOAD
dbdictionary(sfnet) NE DB Dictionary DB Dictionary is an application that generates ... DOWNLOAD
valiantquotes(sfnet) Valiant Quotes Valiant Quotes is a simple application containi... DOWNLOAD
sheppage(sfnet) page try a net page and do it myself DOWNLOAD
wordfox(sfnet) wordfox A multi language flash card programme written i... DOWNLOAD
wincdemu(sfnet) WinCDEmu A very simple yet handy one-click CD/DVD emulat... DOWNLOAD
pysmsfilter(sfnet) pySMSFilter SMS filter for Symbian OS phones written in Pyt... DOWNLOAD
wordwrap-macro(sfnet) WordWrap-macro This macro removes line breaks (CR/LF character... DOWNLOAD
ltwdemo(sfnet) Load-Time Weaving Demo Just a Hello LTW program! A smiple demonstratio... DOWNLOAD
urlfilterdownlo(sfnet) urlfilterdownloader_translate Urlfilter.ini download programı için Türkçe dil... DOWNLOAD
anette(sfnet) Anette - A Time Tracking Environment Anette is a time tracking environment developed... DOWNLOAD
trexinc(sfnet) trexinc Moved to DOWNLOAD
smoothkoops(sfnet) Smoothkoops - Traffic Mod Addon Smoothkoops - Smoothwall Traffic Mod addon. Pr... DOWNLOAD
srepod(sfnet) OAI-PMH Static Repository Gateway A C Implementation of an OAI-PMH Static Reposit... DOWNLOAD
bento4(sfnet) Bento4 portable MP4 file format library Portable C++ Class Library and tools for parsin... DOWNLOAD
cexception(sfnet) CException Simple and Fast Exception Handling for C. DOWNLOAD
potbsproduction(sfnet) PotBS: Production Cost Analysis This project collects information about the eco... DOWNLOAD
jarcassonne(sfnet) jarcassonne Jarcassonne is a free Java implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
kdvmware(sfnet) VMWare Kernel Debugging booster The project is a Windows XP kernel driver allow... DOWNLOAD
castez(sfnet) CastEZ A simple podcast creation and editing tool. DOWNLOAD
cxx2cs(sfnet) C++ to C# Translator Direct C++ to C# translator, translates one of ... DOWNLOAD
escapefromlenov(sfnet) EscapeFromLenovo Troy University Computer Science Department, So... DOWNLOAD
teldomainproxy(sfnet) Private TEL Domain Proxy Private TEL Domain Proxy is first open source p... DOWNLOAD
eucalyptus(sfnet) Eucalyptus Advanced email suite. DOWNLOAD
proteinfolding(sfnet) Protein Folding The project implements Protein Folding on a CBE... DOWNLOAD
blitzmax-ide(sfnet) MaxIDE - BlitzMax IDE An Integrated Development Environment for the p... DOWNLOAD
mien(sfnet) MIEN The Model Interaction Environment for Neuroscie... DOWNLOAD
mw-editcount(sfnet) MediaWiki - EditCount This is an extension to MediaWiki. It creates a... DOWNLOAD
fressia(sfnet) Fressia Project Fressia Project is an effort to develop an Open... DOWNLOAD
dormaudio(sfnet) Dormaudio Snore Trainer, a small java program that listen... DOWNLOAD
tinlizard(sfnet) Tin Lizard Tin Lizard is a java web application to aggrega... DOWNLOAD
midimon(sfnet) MidiMon - Basic MIDI monitor, works w/ JACK or ALSA MID... DOWNLOAD
emeralddream(sfnet) The Emerald Dream This project is a project involving the creatio... DOWNLOAD
polyplanet(sfnet) PolyPlanet PolyPlanet is an evolutionary playground inspir... DOWNLOAD
control(sfnet) Control Control is a modular remote control software . ... DOWNLOAD
metrix(freshmeat) Metrix++ Metrix++ is a platform to collect and analyze c... DOWNLOAD
lwinstok(sfnet) lwinstok Sistema minimalista voltado a controle de venda... DOWNLOAD
libqrencode(freshmeat) libqrencode libqrencode is a library for encoding data in a... DOWNLOAD
mpsdk(sfnet) Intel® Mobile Platform SDK 1.3 Intel® Mobile Platform SDK 1.3 covered by BSD l... DOWNLOAD
schemas(sfnet) RDF Schema Creator and Metadata Registry A metadata schema registry server in Perl/C (ba... DOWNLOAD
freezepane(sfnet) Freeze Pane on HTML Smooth Freeze Panel by Javascript. The design o... DOWNLOAD
sqliteclientsyn(sfnet) SQLiteClientSyncProvider SQLite client synchronization provider for Micr... DOWNLOAD
andmusicplayer(sfnet) Android Music Player An android music player in the style of Amarok,... DOWNLOAD
oggvideotools(sfnet) Ogg Video Tools The Ogg Video Tools is a toolbox for manipulati... DOWNLOAD
daro(sfnet) daro A collection of Java client applications based ... DOWNLOAD
ifml(sfnet) Interactive Fiction Mark Up Language The purpose of this project is to develop an en... DOWNLOAD
neoclassics(sfnet) Lettres Lettres is an innovative game based on Tetris t... DOWNLOAD
homeautomatia(sfnet) Home Automation and Control System Home Automation and Control System is a softwar... DOWNLOAD
warehouseprogra(sfnet) Simple Warehouse Program Simple inventory management software in Bulgari... DOWNLOAD
gmfoto(sfnet) OpenFoto | open-source photo gallery OpenFoto is a lightweight, open-source photo ga... DOWNLOAD
itubelite(sfnet) iTube Lite YouTube Downloader A simple YouTube downloader. It is uses code fr... DOWNLOAD

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