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tassolo68primop(sfnet) Tassolo68PrimoProgetto DOWNLOAD
mediaassistant(sfnet) MediaAssistant: iTunes Playlist Export MediaAssistant is a .NET add-on for iTunes. Med... DOWNLOAD
koutraxform(sfnet) KoutraXform KoutraXform: Transform Anything To Anything. DOWNLOAD
koutradistproc(sfnet) DistProc DistProc: Transform Anything To Anything low-le... DOWNLOAD
swtlayeredgraph(sfnet) swtlayeredgraph Provides a full featured multi-layer graph canv... DOWNLOAD
netfleet(sfnet) NetFleet NetFleet is a Open Source cross-platform and m... DOWNLOAD
snapext2(sfnet) File System Snapshots The project provides for filesystem level snaps... DOWNLOAD
salix(sfnet) salix Salix is a linux distribution based on Slackwar... DOWNLOAD
tokio(sfnet) Tokio The porting of Tokio written in C++ DOWNLOAD
roxygen(sfnet) Doxygen for GNU R code A filter for doxygen that provides basic source... DOWNLOAD
bobthegeologist(sfnet) Bob, The Geologist! An oldschool console-based mining game. DOWNLOAD
smscryptor(sfnet) smscryptor v2.0 SMScryptor encrypts and decrypts messages sent ... DOWNLOAD
filterfox(sfnet) filterfox FireScreen is an extension for the Firefox brow... DOWNLOAD
cmscaptcha(sfnet) CMS Captcha Next generation CAPTCHA system, which uses tile... DOWNLOAD
apemost(sfnet) APEMoST The Automated Parameter Estimation and Model Se... DOWNLOAD
vol-bat-fil-mak(sfnet) Volatility Batch File Maker Volatility Batch File Maker will take the outpu... DOWNLOAD
ccclient(sfnet) CCClient The CCC (Console Chat Client) for some populair... DOWNLOAD
chickencoopplan(sfnet) Chicken Coop Plans - Google Sketchup This is a google sketchup model of a chicken co... DOWNLOAD
bio-parse-swiss(sfnet) Bio::Parse::SwissProt - perl module A Perl module that provides methods for retriev... DOWNLOAD
databaseiphone(sfnet) Database_Mohsinali_Iphone DOWNLOAD
wxpostgres(sfnet) wxPostgres Integrating wxWidgets GUI toolkit with PostgreS... DOWNLOAD
vpopmailstats(sfnet) Vpopmail domain/user usage & statistics Gathers data from vpopmail domain and user usag... DOWNLOAD
traviancomp(sfnet) Travian Companion T3.5 Web Based Travian Companion T3.5 helps us one-o... DOWNLOAD
enkichar2bin(sfnet) Enki A program for converting Characters to Binary o... DOWNLOAD
visgraph(sfnet) Visionneuse graphique Master of Science final year project in Mathema... DOWNLOAD
synthforge(sfnet) synthforge SynthForge is a modular synthesiser, for creati... DOWNLOAD
sh-math(sfnet) sh_math Mathematical extensions to unix shell. DOWNLOAD
tessdb(sfnet) TESSDB: TEst tool for SSd based DB TESSDB is an application that provides TPC benc... DOWNLOAD
goyellosilmono(sfnet) GOYELLO Silverlight/Monorail Library GOYELLO Silverlight/Monorail Communication Libr... DOWNLOAD
thethreedragons(sfnet) Mahjong - the Three Dragons A study project. Development of the Mahjong gam... DOWNLOAD
sputsoftnumbers(sfnet) Kanooth Numbers A portable C++ implementation of multiple-preci... DOWNLOAD
tweesis(sfnet) Server Security Against RFI Developing a security mechanism against remote ... DOWNLOAD
versavant(sfnet) Versavant Topic Map Application (TMA) Bus / Subject Addre... DOWNLOAD
jup(sfnet) Javascript driven file upload applet Jup is a Java applet for uploading multiple fil... DOWNLOAD
minimuncms(sfnet) minimun CMS A small CMS developed with Codeigniter/jQuery/Y... DOWNLOAD
tporpheus(sfnet) TurboPower Orpheus Orpheus is an award-winning UI toolkit for Borl... DOWNLOAD
nipy(sfnet) nipy The neuroimaging in python (NIPY) project is an... DOWNLOAD
rcracki(sfnet) rcracki Rcracki_mt can be used to perform a rainbow tab... DOWNLOAD
t9input(sfnet) T9 Input Support T9 Input Support offers text input on Windows P... DOWNLOAD
weathernet(sfnet) Weather.NET Weather.NET is a Basic Weather application. It ... DOWNLOAD
tfimperial(sfnet) TfImperial Macros to help playing Imperial DikuMud with Ti... DOWNLOAD
isuca(sfnet) iSUCA Media iSUCA Media Player By Student Computer Engineer... DOWNLOAD
vonktest(sfnet) vonktest testing for the test of the stuff DOWNLOAD
vruchdllinject(sfnet) Vruch Dynamic Link Library Inject This is a Process Injector for Dynamic Link Lib... DOWNLOAD
vps(sfnet) VedosEngine was setup to give developer’s ... DOWNLOAD
sync4jevolution(sfnet) SyncEvolution SyncEvolution synchronizes personal information... DOWNLOAD
jrevpro(sfnet) JReversePro - Java Decompiler JReversePro is a Java Decompiler / Disassembler... DOWNLOAD
qtphone(sfnet) QtPhone QtPhone is a cross-platform telephone emulation... DOWNLOAD
fooblocks(sfnet) Foo Blocks Fooblocks is just another Tetris-clone. It's pu... DOWNLOAD
windowspager(sfnet) windowspager WindowsPager is a pager utility for the Windows... DOWNLOAD
roba-pass(sfnet) downloads DOWNLOAD
stringsonspeed(sfnet) Strings on Speed Strings on Speed is a music video game similar ... DOWNLOAD
zgcs(sfnet) Z GCS Z is a GCS (Game Creation System) based on and ... DOWNLOAD
prometheus-digi(sfnet) Prometheus Digi Pres Workbench The Prometheus Project is a semi-automated proc... DOWNLOAD
fritzboxtraffic(sfnet) fritzboxtraffic Get and display the traffic counter of a Fritz!... DOWNLOAD
pvoim(sfnet) pvoim pvoim = Parilo Voim : voice over internet messa... DOWNLOAD
sortiescatrider(sfnet) Sorties CatRiders Software for clubs dealing with subscriptions t... DOWNLOAD
ladspa-lgv(sfnet) ladspa-lgv-plugins ladspa-lgv-plugins is a collection of LADSPA pl... DOWNLOAD
wtpl(sfnet) wtpl A text template C++ library (like TemplateITX f... DOWNLOAD
qfritztraffic(sfnet) qfritztraffic This project uses the Qt version 4 library do d... DOWNLOAD
xjig(sfnet) xjig-2.5 Jigsaw Puzzle Xjig-2.5 is an is an improved version of the ji... DOWNLOAD
wsinetd(sfnet) wsinetd wsinetd (Windows Simple inetd) is a Windows equ... DOWNLOAD
nmould(sfnet) nMould nMould is an simple, easy to use and fast textb... DOWNLOAD
kdbg(sfnet) KDbg A graphical user interface to gdb, the GNU debu... DOWNLOAD
bobtheblob(sfnet) BobTheBlob A platformer for a 3rd year project DOWNLOAD
chipmunk-lds(sfnet) Chipmunk - LDS Primary Management System A system for managing children, teachers, class... DOWNLOAD
curlorb(sfnet) Curl ORB for java Curl ORB is to comunicate between Curl and serv... DOWNLOAD
zorall(sfnet) The Zorall World This will be a Hex-war game. Like wesnoth. Its ... DOWNLOAD
retypingdante(sfnet) Retyping Dante Retyping Dante is a media art-piece on cultural... DOWNLOAD
boundalyzer(sfnet) Boundalyzer The Boundalyzer is a tool for building and anal... DOWNLOAD
weup(sfnet) weup This project is about creating A Web-based coll... DOWNLOAD
libralis(sfnet) Libralis Libralis - Autocalibrated Gravity Compensation ... DOWNLOAD
stfu(sfnet) STFU A C++ library for 'Simple Tree Format', a new f... DOWNLOAD
slut(sfnet) slut Slut is a programming framework for generative,... DOWNLOAD
pdbsam(sfnet) pdbsam Protein Data Bank transformed into an SQL datab... DOWNLOAD
bobswork(sfnet) work This is a test for my first project. DOWNLOAD
obeliskpbx(sfnet) Obelisk PBX Obelisk is a Buinsess Unified Communication Sys... DOWNLOAD
stance(sfnet) stance Stance is a perl script for generating random s... DOWNLOAD
spatialsound(sfnet) Spatialization of Sound Implement a HRTF for binaural spatialization of... DOWNLOAD
zigv(sfnet) ZigV Visualization of ZigbeeNET API Data Packet... DOWNLOAD
runansiwin32(sfnet) RunAnsi_Win32 Execute A Win32 process with Partial Ansi Seque... DOWNLOAD
hotlinkshield(sfnet) Hotlink Shield Hotlink Shield is a set of php scripts to be us... DOWNLOAD
joystickbt(sfnet) Joystick BT Client / server application used to use a cell ... DOWNLOAD
justjournal(sfnet) Just Journal Just Journal is a blog web application. You can... DOWNLOAD
phpvideopro(sfnet) phpVideoPro phpVideoPro is a webbased video management appl... DOWNLOAD
libpapyrus(sfnet) papyrus - C++ Cairo Canvas library Papyrus is a C++ scene graph (canvas) library t... DOWNLOAD
pcsc(sfnet) pcsc Programa de facturação de Sinistros a segurador... DOWNLOAD
conexus(sfnet) conexus conexus is an event-driven C++ I/O library that... DOWNLOAD
gpsmid(sfnet) GpsMid Java Midlet to use OpenStreetMap data on a J2ME... DOWNLOAD
pidgin-festival(sfnet) pidgin-festival A plugin for pidgin that interfaces with the po... DOWNLOAD
igrafu(sfnet) IGRAFU IGRAFU is an open source program to integrate s... DOWNLOAD
finalpage(sfnet) Final Page A document post production tool for the Gnome E... DOWNLOAD
dgml(sfnet) DGML Dos Graphics Migration Library is used to compi... DOWNLOAD
pacuman(sfnet) PacMaN Simply an Atari pacman clone. The target of the... DOWNLOAD
drbn175crono(sfnet) Crono Crono is a .net application for windows mobile ... DOWNLOAD
erpsod(sfnet) ERPSOD This purpose of this tool is to manage SOD conf... DOWNLOAD
libjpopupgate(sfnet) LibJPopupGate LibJPopupGate is a libjpopup based java library... DOWNLOAD
exportgge(sfnet) exportgge CartoWeb gis php5 plugin for Kml, geoRSS and ge... DOWNLOAD
lossim(sfnet) lossim (fr) CMS ultra léger et sans base de données. D... DOWNLOAD
sdbg(sfnet) sdbg sdbg is an open-source and extensible debugger.... DOWNLOAD

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