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cacheaware(sfnet) CacheAware A simple self-refreshing cache framework for Java DOWNLOAD
commentgator(sfnet) CommentGator CommentGator is an automated blog commenting to... DOWNLOAD
ulyssesframewor(sfnet) Ulysses Framework An open-source, powerful but lightweight applic... DOWNLOAD
everthing-game(sfnet) Everthing Game Game with everthing! DOWNLOAD
thencode(sfnet) ThenCode This package is a modest implementation of a no... DOWNLOAD
cli2gui(sfnet) cli2gui Library, which open xterm window if needed. Onl... DOWNLOAD
oglbricks(freshmeat) OGLBricks OGLBricks is a simple falling block puzzle game... DOWNLOAD
cachebox(sfnet) cachebox geocaching software for windows mobile DOWNLOAD
cpoint(sfnet) CPOINt CPOINt is a presentations program designed to b... DOWNLOAD
presidents(sfnet) Presidents Presidents is a card game that is set up to kee... DOWNLOAD
bogaoffline(sfnet) The BOGA Offline Menu System An offline menu system for the BOGA. DOWNLOAD
macattrick(sfnet) Macattrick A managing software for the online game Hattric... DOWNLOAD
armr(sfnet) ARMR ARMR provides a foundation for creating an effi... DOWNLOAD
picsnvideos(sfnet) Pics&Videos Plugin for JPilot Plugin for JPilot ( to download pict... DOWNLOAD
pynaps(sfnet) webusic webusic is a java software to download music by... DOWNLOAD
sharpnzb(sfnet) SharpNzb SharpNzb is a graphical NZB downloader applicat... DOWNLOAD
avonydb(sfnet) AvonyDB This project is used to support the game evony ... DOWNLOAD
avoision(sfnet) Avoision II My friend Nodnarb used to play with his calcula... DOWNLOAD
jabberjim(sfnet) jabberjim This project is no longer active... DOWNLOAD
avsbatchcreator(sfnet) AVS Batch Creator Program to create *.avs-files for VirtualDub(Mo... DOWNLOAD
ezhid(sfnet) EZ-USB HID Firmware Firmware for Cypress' EZ-USB (AN2131) device th... DOWNLOAD
nvi(freshmeat) nvi nvi is a version of the vi editor which support... DOWNLOAD
playlistrepair(sfnet) Playlist Repair Playlist Repair scans music-playlists (M3U and ... DOWNLOAD
jrivet(sfnet) jrivet Tired of endless lists of convoluted Java Frame... DOWNLOAD
ava-sbs(sfnet) AVA-SBS AVA SBS is a collaboration of Open-Source softw... DOWNLOAD
jopenit(sfnet) jopenit A Java / Swing Port of the OpenIT Project -- &q... DOWNLOAD
bridger(sfnet) GUI Network Bridge Creator This application is GUI version of "brctl&... DOWNLOAD
xlinterpreter(sfnet) XLInterpreterFramework A collection of interpreters nicely wrapped wit... DOWNLOAD
netbeanskbdrc(sfnet) KeyboardRemoteControl NetBeans Plug-in NetBeans plug-in allowing arbitrary programs to... DOWNLOAD
pqstego(sfnet) pqstego PQStego is a C implementation of J. Fridrich al... DOWNLOAD
winssc(sfnet) Windows Screen Saver Controller Goals: Be quick & simple Be Clean Run on re... DOWNLOAD
smart-m3(sfnet) Smart-M3 Smart-M3 is a functional platform that provides... DOWNLOAD
nppvhdlplugin(sfnet) vhdl npp plugin Its a VHDL plugin for Notepad++ which is simula... DOWNLOAD
hikoboshi-arcm(sfnet) hikoboshi DOWNLOAD
readaloud(sfnet) readaloud Reading program for plain text books. Readaloud... DOWNLOAD
oogalleryimport(sfnet) oogalleryimport oogalleryimport is a command line tool to impor... DOWNLOAD
gpxupdate(sfnet) GpxUpdate GpxUpdate helps you manage your modifications a... DOWNLOAD
orangerinds(sfnet) OrangeRinds This is a Rapid Website Application Development... DOWNLOAD
click2iso(sfnet) Click2ISO Click2ISO creates .iso images from CD's and fol... DOWNLOAD
avltree4j(sfnet) AVLTree4J A binary self-balancing tree which implements t... DOWNLOAD
axonhexapod(sfnet) Axon Hexapod This open source code allows a axon micro contr... DOWNLOAD
avrpal(sfnet) AVRpal AVRpal is an open source simple but powerful gu... DOWNLOAD
evolution-kolab(sfnet) evolution-kolab The evolution-kolab plug-in extends GNOME's PIM... DOWNLOAD
mmgmd(sfnet) MySQL Manager GMD mmGMD es: MySQL Manager GMD, es un único(por el... DOWNLOAD
jcapture(sfnet) JCapture JCapture is a pure 'Java Screen Capture Program... DOWNLOAD
win8er(sfnet) win8er DOWNLOAD
process-getopt(sfnet) process-getopt process_getopt is a wrapper around getopt for b... DOWNLOAD
iplayer-client(sfnet) Lee's iPlayer Client Lee's iPlayer Client is a client for the BBC's ... DOWNLOAD
kbfx(sfnet) KBFX - A new K-menu for KDE KBFX started as a small hobby project born out ... DOWNLOAD
tocalapantalla(sfnet) Toca La Pantalla Online A web online application designed to facilitate... DOWNLOAD
javaviewcontrol(sfnet) JVC - Java View Controller JVC is a tool for creating Java web application... DOWNLOAD
eeeepckonfig(sfnet) Chingkwake EeePC Konfigurator Detta är ett projekt som arbetar med att utveck... DOWNLOAD
koceansaver(sfnet) KOceanSaver A KDE 4 screensaver that shows an underwater oc... DOWNLOAD
vbbyzwt(sfnet) VB Programs by ZWT ZWT is is programming some usefull programs lik... DOWNLOAD
standardavl(sfnet) Standard AVL C++ This is a C++ AVL implementation with complexit... DOWNLOAD
axitools(sfnet) AXIOHM Printing Tools Set of utilities for the press on thermal print... DOWNLOAD
utl-ftp(sfnet) FTP for PL/SQL UTL_FTP is a FTP client for PL/SQL. It is simpl... DOWNLOAD
maven-download(sfnet) Maven 2 Plugin for Artifact Downloads This is a maven plugin that permits to download... DOWNLOAD
dbi4php(sfnet) dbi4php php4dbi is a database abstraction layer for PHP... DOWNLOAD
acydmods(sfnet) Attachment Mod This is the place the Attachment Mod is at home... DOWNLOAD
codeigor(sfnet) CodeIgor CodeIgor makes copies of given files, substitut... DOWNLOAD
elypson3d(sfnet) Elypson3D This is a simple 3D engine which is currently i... DOWNLOAD
script-tools(sfnet) Script-Tools Script-Tools is thought to provide a basic fram... DOWNLOAD
mapfslinux(sfnet) mapfs in memory distributed file system in user space... DOWNLOAD
qni(sfnet) Quick Number Info (QNI) The Quick (Phone)number informationsystem for W... DOWNLOAD
llua(sfnet) Lightweight LUA Lightweight scripting language like as LUA. DOWNLOAD
usbpiano(sfnet) Linux Dream Cheeky Roll-Up Piano Driver Linux userspace driver to provide ALSA MIDI int... DOWNLOAD
qtgmud(sfnet) GMUD GMUD is a MUD client written in QT, available f... DOWNLOAD
astrolognet(sfnet) AstroLog.NET The AstroLog.NET project provides a software so... DOWNLOAD
airsnort(sfnet) AirSnort AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which cr... DOWNLOAD
wxmodeler(sfnet) wxModeler Intuitive 3D modeler. DOWNLOAD
nicotine-plus(sfnet) Nicotine-Plus: PyGTK2 Soulseek Client Nicotine+ is a fork of Hyriand's Soulseek PyGTK... DOWNLOAD
mvcbasic(sfnet) MVCbasic A basic PHP web application framework following... DOWNLOAD
webvcrplus(sfnet) WebVCR+ This project is an easy to use web interface to... DOWNLOAD
bandwagon(sfnet) bandwagon A set of documentation and scripts to install, ... DOWNLOAD
coccaopenreg(sfnet) CoCCA Software The latest production release is v2.6.16. The l... DOWNLOAD
propositions(sfnet) Propositions This program should be able to assess the truth... DOWNLOAD
easiest(sfnet) easiEST A bioinformatics package to analyse ESTs (Expre... DOWNLOAD
drivercc(sfnet) Driver Control Center An all in one lightweight application that upda... DOWNLOAD
fileninja(sfnet) fileNinja An FTP client for the Nintendo DS, using the Wo... DOWNLOAD
shutdowncontrol(sfnet) Shutdown-Control A little program to quickly shutdown or restart... DOWNLOAD
scalefinder(sfnet) Scale Finder This is a mobile application for learning scale... DOWNLOAD
printersetup(sfnet) Linux Printer Setup This project is no longer active or maintained.... DOWNLOAD
filemonservice(sfnet) FileMonService Windows File Monitor Service : created, changed... DOWNLOAD
valarc(sfnet) Valkyrie - Open source edition Valkyrie is an open source game that is based o... DOWNLOAD
xlayout(sfnet) xlayout xlayout is a terminal based utility to get and ... DOWNLOAD
sqview(sfnet) SqCheck - An image sequence viewer A viewer for image sequences, aimed to be a pr... DOWNLOAD
nagiosconfig(sfnet) Nagios Configurator Nagios Configurator is PHP based webinterface, ... DOWNLOAD
immix-js(sfnet) Immix Immix is aspiring to be an Object Oriented Java... DOWNLOAD
dmouse(sfnet) DMouse Mouse control via webcam: DMouse was developed... DOWNLOAD
proteinshader(sfnet) ProteinShader ProteinShader is a molecular visualization tool... DOWNLOAD
witool(sfnet) WITOOL : web sql injection tool SQL DB INJECTOR, Oracle, SQL SERVER BY WINDOWS ... DOWNLOAD
gratian(sfnet) Gratian Server Gratian Server is server software package which... DOWNLOAD
tinylion(sfnet) Tata Tata is a Qt project aiming at developing a dat... DOWNLOAD
gv4l(sfnet) Gv4l Gv4l is a Gui v4l (Video4Linux) frontend of tra... DOWNLOAD
lnrsofttempconv(sfnet) Temperature Conversions Temperature Conversions converts between all te... DOWNLOAD
pktorrents(sfnet) PKTorrent Lister/Crawler PK-Torrents is a PHP torrent lister based on to... DOWNLOAD
netzshop(sfnet) NetzShop NetzShop is a client side web shop in Java. Com... DOWNLOAD
bypassedtests(sfnet) bypassedtests eclipse plugin An Eclipse plugin to keep note of the junit tes... DOWNLOAD
libjit(freshmeat) libjit The libjit library implements just-in-time comp... DOWNLOAD

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