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jsptest(sfnet) JspTest JspTest is a JUnit extension for testing JavaSe... DOWNLOAD
aseco(sfnet) ASECO - Automatic Server Control Aseco is a tool written for the racing game Tra... DOWNLOAD
yawl2fsp(sfnet) yawl2fsp DOWNLOAD
gadubot(sfnet) GaduBot It's bot for Gadu-Gadu based on AIML and DotGad... DOWNLOAD
rook(sfnet) ROOK ROOK is multi-session based Intrusion Detection... DOWNLOAD
jret(sfnet) JRET JRET (Java Reverse-Engineering Tool) is a progr... DOWNLOAD
einstalkersgui(sfnet) Einstalker's Nero AAC GUI An easy to use GUI for Nero AAC Encoder and Dec... DOWNLOAD
neuro-fvif(sfnet) Leaky integrate-and-fire model This code performs the finite volume numerical ... DOWNLOAD
workbooktag(sfnet) Excel HTML Editor Tag You want to render an Excel file inside web bro... DOWNLOAD
pypdg(sfnet) pypdg Use Python to create PDF documents. DOWNLOAD
phpfreebridge(sfnet) phpfreebridge phpfreebridge is web based system allowing user... DOWNLOAD
newchrousty(sfnet) newchrousty Oficial newchrousty Coder Committee Service DOWNLOAD
thermalm16(sfnet) ThermalM16 DOWNLOAD
lightbar(sfnet) LightBar Программа предназначена для ускорения доступа к... DOWNLOAD
pyvsb(sfnet) pyvsb A very simple in configuring but powerful backu... DOWNLOAD
ax25(sfnet) ax25 Libraries and Utilities A library and utilities that allow you to use t... DOWNLOAD
watij(sfnet) Watij - Web Application Testing in Java Watij (pronounced wattage) stands for Web Appli... DOWNLOAD
ivtv(sfnet) iTVC15 MPEG Capture Driver for Linux This project lives now under http://ivtvdriver.... DOWNLOAD
fclient(sfnet) fclient fclient is a desktop client for the freenet pro... DOWNLOAD
ship84(sfnet) Shippy1984 Shoot things for megapoints. MEGA POINTS! DO NO... DOWNLOAD
bezdemo(sfnet) Bezier Surface Patch Demo The goal of this project is to create an intera... DOWNLOAD
sfx(sfnet) Startfox Startfox is a security product to disable IE. DOWNLOAD
ffcmsx(sfnet) Fatality Framework CMS Fatality Framework Content Management System is... DOWNLOAD
bollboxtalk(sfnet) bollbox talk O Bollbox Talk tem como motivação a portabilida... DOWNLOAD
tarichi(sfnet) tarichi Tarichi is Web Publishing System, fit for anyon... DOWNLOAD
wmlxhtmlgateway(sfnet) wml/xhtml gateway WML/XHTML Gateway is php application that work ... DOWNLOAD
pokemon-abit(sfnet) Pokemon: A Break In Time A game being worked on thoroughly by Alex Gutie... DOWNLOAD
superoverlaygen(sfnet) Super Overlay Generator With this tool a single image or a sequence of ... DOWNLOAD
apt-wet(sfnet) apt-wet apt-wet is a repository-based sofware installit... DOWNLOAD
nspme(sfnet) WLAN Power Management Extension for ns-2 Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11) power management ext... DOWNLOAD
nodeattr(sfnet) nodeattr Nodeattr is a tool for identifying systems by d... DOWNLOAD
knowtator(sfnet) Knowtator Knowtator is a general-purpose text annotation ... DOWNLOAD
hgbase(sfnet) HGBase Java library that offers conventient functions.... DOWNLOAD
parallelssh(sfnet) parallelssh Parallel Secure Shell (pssh) is an ssh wrapper ... DOWNLOAD
dist-it(sfnet) dist-it dist-it is a tool for making the job of customi... DOWNLOAD
kabootar(sfnet) Kabootar Your own mailing system (most easiest to use wi... DOWNLOAD
cispo(sfnet) cispo Cisco Port Organizer allows you to take a quick... DOWNLOAD
jsce(sfnet) Java SuperCollider for Eclipse Java SuperCollider (JSC) is a plugin for Eclips... DOWNLOAD
firescopegrid(sfnet) FireScope Grid FireScope Grid is an open source jQuery compone... DOWNLOAD
jpkgmk(sfnet) jpkgmk Jpkgmk is a pure java implementation of the sol... DOWNLOAD
filedominator(sfnet) FileDominator A handy and small tool to transfer files (photo... DOWNLOAD
d2calc(sfnet) D2 Calc A web-based character calculator for Diablo II,... DOWNLOAD
flashbook(sfnet) flashbook Flashbook is a system for creating and reading ... DOWNLOAD
zesty(sfnet) ZeST ZeST is a TUI program for stressing filesystems... DOWNLOAD
php-xsql(sfnet) xSQL Library The xSQL library combines the functions of PgSQ... DOWNLOAD
visualjpf(sfnet) Visual Java Pathfinder This will be to bring a GUI (Graphical User Int... DOWNLOAD
ivpn24bfork(sfnet) iVPN 2.4b Fork This is a fork of the iVPN 2.4b source code, wh... DOWNLOAD
mtsai(sfnet) OpenCSV# Ast.OpenCsv is an extremely fast and stable C# ... DOWNLOAD
phpxite(sfnet) PHPxite An advanced website project, developed to be ea... DOWNLOAD
mcmdb(sfnet) mcmDB This is a library written in PHP for make autom... DOWNLOAD
uncia(sfnet) Uncia If you thought cat -n was harmful, you haven't ... DOWNLOAD
sjea(sfnet) sjea SJEA version 1.0 - Simple Java Encryption Algor... DOWNLOAD
comparator(sfnet) NFI Comparator This application can be used for comparing imag... DOWNLOAD
silverarrow(sfnet) Silver Arrow Silver Arrow is an open source 3D car racing ga... DOWNLOAD
pamxacml(sfnet) pam_xacml The eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (... DOWNLOAD
iteamhelpdesk(sfnet) iTeam iTeam is a web based help desk application. iTe... DOWNLOAD
simvida(sfnet) SimVida, Artificial Life Simulator SimVida tries to simulate the evolution dynamic... DOWNLOAD
nokarebin(sfnet) noka Noka tag is a group JSP label code interceptor ... DOWNLOAD
sdboot(sfnet) SDBoot SDBoot is a complete bootloader solution (MCU s... DOWNLOAD
luclipse(sfnet) luclipse Luclipse is an Eclipse plugin for accessing and... DOWNLOAD
gamerunner(sfnet) Gamerunner Gamerunner is an Openmoko Linux distribution. I... DOWNLOAD
rapsor(sfnet) RaPSor RaPSor means "Ray Propagation Simulator&qu... DOWNLOAD
cisco-jpo(sfnet) cisco-jpo this project is about of manage processes in a ... DOWNLOAD
iniparser(sfnet) IniParser Bardzo prosty projekt. Program do przeglądania ... DOWNLOAD
appctl(sfnet) Application environment and control ctl is an extensible application control script... DOWNLOAD
antininjarmndr(sfnet) Ogame - Anti-ninja calculator & Reminder Use Anti-ninja time calculator application to a... DOWNLOAD
tnc2012(sfnet) TNC2012 n.a. DOWNLOAD
rohinweb(sfnet) Rohin's Web Browser This is Rohin Adalja's Web Browser. IT IS NOT W... DOWNLOAD
freemule(sfnet) free emule This project will modify emule code base on chi... DOWNLOAD
openexpose(sfnet) OpenExpose Clone of Expose for Macs. Moving your mouse to... DOWNLOAD
dbspeller(sfnet) Database Spell Checker and Data Migrator The only multithreaded database spell checker. ... DOWNLOAD
shareit(sfnet) Generic P2P Semantic Services Client Share IT is a peer to peer client that adds sem... DOWNLOAD
trcbde(sfnet) TheRubiksCubeBlindDataEngine This a standalone timer that you can use for th... DOWNLOAD
cdde(sfnet) CDDE CDDE (CD Detect & Execute utility) detects ... DOWNLOAD
meanbean(sfnet) Mean Bean Open source Java test library that: 1. Tests ge... DOWNLOAD
osmosii(sfnet) OSMOSII The Open System Management for Organization, Se... DOWNLOAD
secondlilfelogm(sfnet) secondlilfelogm Second Life Log Manager for managing chat/insta... DOWNLOAD
shp2georss(sfnet) shp2GeoRss shp2georss: Convert esri shape file to GeoRSS, ... DOWNLOAD
epubator(sfnet) ePUBator Minimal offline PDF to ePUB converter for Andro... DOWNLOAD
xmms2swi(sfnet) xmms2swi XMMS2SWI is a XMMS2 multimedia player web front... DOWNLOAD
macaroni-pipes(sfnet) Macaroni-pipes Macaroni is the JAVA open source framework prom... DOWNLOAD
uberlight(sfnet) uberlight Maya plugin locator to visualize the renderman ... DOWNLOAD
vachanger(sfnet) Vista Audio Changer Vista Audio Changer is a system tray applicatio... DOWNLOAD
aibench(sfnet) AIBench AIBench (Artificial Intelligence workBENCH) is ... DOWNLOAD
dbf2psql(sfnet) dbf2psql Utility to transform xbase files into postrgres... DOWNLOAD
advanced-diff(sfnet) Advanced-Diff Advanced-Diff is a portable, cross-platform dif... DOWNLOAD
fuzzdns(sfnet) FuzzDNS DNS Search. DOWNLOAD
radiotimeopmlap(sfnet) RadioTimeApi in C# Library write in C# for using the www.radiotime... DOWNLOAD
jxltdk(sfnet) reporttdk Project allow create excel report from a templa... DOWNLOAD
xmsf(sfnet) xmsf Extensible Modeling and Simulation Framework (X... DOWNLOAD
intrepid2(sfnet) Intrepid 2 Java RMI replacement. *** Project moved to Bit... DOWNLOAD
anti-nat(sfnet) 6546 65654 DOWNLOAD
rwparam(sfnet) RunWithParameters RunWithParameters allows running any applicatio... DOWNLOAD
dbconnections(sfnet) adbConnections (SQLite) Data Browser DOWNLOAD
ibu-dd-map(sfnet) Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere Map Istanbul Bilgi University Dolapdere campus map ... DOWNLOAD
jmrtools(sfnet) JMrTools JMrTools, is inspired by the MrTools Perl Proje... DOWNLOAD
lc-ui(sfnet) The LCUI Project LCUI is GUI library that is designed to be smal... DOWNLOAD
computertimecon(sfnet) Computer Time Control This is a Windows program to enforce maximum am... DOWNLOAD
filemac(sfnet) fmac A tiny command line program to create a secure ... DOWNLOAD
boxes(freshmeat) boxes Boxes is a text filter that can draw any kind o... DOWNLOAD

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