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wweb(sfnet) Wer weiss es besser? A browser based quiz for parties or wedding ins... DOWNLOAD
simplespml(sfnet) SimpleSPML PHP library for creating and consuming SPML mes... DOWNLOAD
b-risk(sfnet) B-Risk B-Risk is a risk tracking and management system... DOWNLOAD
vesperlib(sfnet) Vesper Platform-agnostic 2D graphics library intended ... DOWNLOAD
flexfighters(sfnet) FlexFighters Flex/Actionscript game tutorial DOWNLOAD
nmapwrap(sfnet) nmapwrap A python interface for nmap. Allows you to get ... DOWNLOAD
uwatec-uddf(sfnet) UWATEC to UDDF conversion tools UWATEC UDDF Tools is a set of tools that you ca... DOWNLOAD
dotnetmock(sfnet) dotnetmock The .NET Mock Objects project is a .NET framewo... DOWNLOAD
pimstudio(sfnet) PIMStudio PIMStudio gives you unique set of features to ... DOWNLOAD
mordred(sfnet) Mordred Mordred is a tool for mechanical engineering. I... DOWNLOAD
yii(sfnet) Yii PHP Framework Yii is a high-performance programming framework... DOWNLOAD
vigilante(sfnet) Vigilante Vigilante is a highly scalable and configurable... DOWNLOAD
gasblender(sfnet) Gas Blender Gas Blender is a python program that helps the ... DOWNLOAD
sourceattacher(sfnet) sourceattacher Source Attacher - Eclipse plugin capable of att... DOWNLOAD
weathermap5rrd(sfnet) weathermap5rrd Weathermap5rrd is fork of Alexandre Fontelle's ... DOWNLOAD
colorswatchmake(sfnet) Color Swatch Maker This application takes a image file (jpg, png, ... DOWNLOAD
nomic(sfnet) Nomic Nomic is a web based game written in PHP. Playi... DOWNLOAD
friendsnet(sfnet) FriendsNet P2P communication software. Main focus is to pr... DOWNLOAD
seedling(sfnet) Seedling Seedling is a generic application platform enab... DOWNLOAD
mandelhash(sfnet) MandelHash I'm using an MD5 hash of a username and passwor... DOWNLOAD
prequips(sfnet) Prequips A Java-based tool to visualize, integrate and a... DOWNLOAD
kernowforsaxon(sfnet) Kernow Kernow - A tool for running XSLT, XQuery and XM... DOWNLOAD
complex-sys-sci(sfnet) Complex Systems Scilab Toolbox Complex Systems is a toolbox for SCILAB softwar... DOWNLOAD
wxcommunicator(sfnet) wxCommunicator wxCommunicator is a cross platform SIP softphon... DOWNLOAD
orautil(sfnet) Oracle Management Tool Suite Oracle management tool suite. A collection of u... DOWNLOAD
pdfcrop(sfnet) PDFCrop PDFCrop crops the white margins of PDF pages an... DOWNLOAD
jtags(sfnet) jtags - Emacs package for editing Java Emacs minor mode for editing and browsing Java ... DOWNLOAD
translateclient(sfnet) translateclient Client/aggregator for free online language serv... DOWNLOAD
pptbarcreator(sfnet) PowerPointBarCreator This is a smart application, which adds a progr... DOWNLOAD
rrfw(sfnet) Round Robin Database Framework Round Robin Database Framework is the universal... DOWNLOAD
vruby(sfnet) VisualuRuby This is a GUI library for Ruby just only on MS ... DOWNLOAD
fis-gtm(sfnet) GT.M High end TP database engine GT.Mtm is a vetted industrial strength, transac... DOWNLOAD
tyrien(sfnet) Tyrien mmorpg browser project Questo progetto è atto alla produzione di un mm... DOWNLOAD
orion-client(sfnet) Orion Clients Client libraries for the D-Wave Orion Web Service DOWNLOAD
mercatorgrid(sfnet) Mercator Grid Mercator Grid is a networked real-time strategy... DOWNLOAD
institutionmana(sfnet) Institution Management Software (IMS) This software can be used for small institution... DOWNLOAD
jcoltrane(sfnet) JColtrane The project was moved to DOWNLOAD
gclassgen(sfnet) GClassGen GClassGen is a program that generates a GObject... DOWNLOAD
midifileprinter(sfnet) MIDI File Printer The MIDI File Printer prints a new easy-to-read... DOWNLOAD
ddevf(sfnet) ddevf ddevf is a lightweight library that allows you ... DOWNLOAD
knoppix-ar(sfnet) knoppix-ar Knoppix-ar is an project for creation of the so... DOWNLOAD
erle(sfnet) erle erle - a development environment for erlang DOWNLOAD
alecsoft(sfnet) Alec Soft QS Alec Soft QS is a free teamviewer based softwar... DOWNLOAD
gdarim(sfnet) Gdarim Classroom allocation using Genetic Algorithms a... DOWNLOAD
cactusvm(sfnet) The Cactus Virtual Machine An open source language nuetral virtual machine... DOWNLOAD
eeshell(sfnet) EEShell A few small replacement shells for 32-bit Windo... DOWNLOAD
ionquiz(sfnet) Ion Quiz Very basic CLI program to help chemistry studen... DOWNLOAD
upscreen(sfnet) upScreen Easily capture your screen and instantly upload... DOWNLOAD
aiksaurus(sfnet) AikSaurus AikSaurus is a GPL'd thesaurus library for C++.... DOWNLOAD
freettsandroidi(sfnet) FreeTTS-Android Interfacing An Android application for interfacing with a F... DOWNLOAD
wowtomaya(sfnet) World of Warcraft to Maya A plugin that enables the import of assets from... DOWNLOAD
gamebase(sfnet) GameBase - Universal Emulator Frontend GameBase is a fully-featured retro-gaming emula... DOWNLOAD
jgnash(sfnet) jGnash jGnash is a cross platform personal finance app... DOWNLOAD
urpg(sfnet) Unlimited RPG URPG means Unlimited RPG. This is a plug-in bas... DOWNLOAD
tipc(sfnet) TIPC: Cluster Communication Protocol The Transparent Inter Process Communication pro... DOWNLOAD
lqlinux(sfnet) LQ Linux An easy Linux-System for older people. It has a... DOWNLOAD
almas(sfnet) Almas Designer Almas Designer is a dialog editor for wxWidgets... DOWNLOAD
coolair(sfnet) coolAir It's a flash game server base on c++.It's dappe... DOWNLOAD
cellnucleus(sfnet) Cell Nucleus Analysis This is the prototype version of software for r... DOWNLOAD
ad4unix(sfnet) AD4Unix AD4Unix is a plugin for Microsoft ActiveDirecto... DOWNLOAD
wspm(sfnet) PropertyManager Property Manager is a web application for prope... DOWNLOAD
segovia(sfnet) Segovia The principal target of Segovia is to generate ... DOWNLOAD
alonewithaliens(sfnet) Alone with Aliens Top-down game. We have to destroy aliens. DOWNLOAD
winpdb(sfnet) Winpdb - Cross Platform Python Debugger Winpdb is a platform independent GPL Python deb... DOWNLOAD
apf(sfnet) Amazon Products Feed The Amazon Products Feed script was created to ... DOWNLOAD
hypercontext(sfnet) Hypercontext Hypercontext is a software tool specifically de... DOWNLOAD
quickplacerealm(sfnet) QuickPlace Realm class for Tomcat QuickPlace realm authentication for tomcat: Thi... DOWNLOAD
pysces(sfnet) Pysces PySCeS is the Python Simulator of Cellular Syst... DOWNLOAD
mywork(sfnet) mywork MyWork是一款个人商务工作信息的管理软件,能集成方... DOWNLOAD
wwdb(sfnet) Weewar Dashboard A small, notification tray resident, program th... DOWNLOAD
widestream(sfnet) WideStream Download Manager WideStream Download Manager is an extensible an... DOWNLOAD
dicepoker(sfnet) Dice Poker A project is developing poker style game with d... DOWNLOAD
alldbmanager(sfnet) AllDataBase Manager A DataBase Manager where you can create a new d... DOWNLOAD
convertimg(sfnet) Convert IMG ConvertIMG 2.0 is a freeware utility to convert... DOWNLOAD
bashbot(sfnet) BashBot BashBot is a open source IRC bot that does raw ... DOWNLOAD
jag(sfnet) JAG JAG - the Java Application Generator - is a 100... DOWNLOAD
simpletracker(sfnet) SimpleTracker SimpleTracker is a time tracking program to rec... DOWNLOAD
mapipoz(sfnet) mapipoz Relay with Postfix and dynamic IPs (using stati... DOWNLOAD
wpsetup(sfnet) WiFi Protected Setup WiFi Protected Setup supports development of a ... DOWNLOAD
wxecmath(sfnet) wxEcMath Tiny library written in C++/wxWidgets designed ... DOWNLOAD
squelchdb(sfnet) Squelch Squelch stands for SQL Change History. It is a... DOWNLOAD
nipathought(sfnet) NipaThought This game is a typical Mastermind Clone. It is ... DOWNLOAD
ccreader(sfnet) CCReader CCReader is a desktop tool for viewing IMS Comm... DOWNLOAD
arnie(sfnet) ARNIE Articulated Robot Human interface (Articulated ... DOWNLOAD
simpleticket(sfnet) SimpleTicket SimpleTicket is a trouble ticketing system writ... DOWNLOAD
metaphile(sfnet) Metaphile Metaphile is a Java library for reading image m... DOWNLOAD
jobmeet(sfnet) JobMeet Jobmeet is a web application whose goal is to s... DOWNLOAD
zatreex(sfnet) ZATreeX ZATreeX is a data manager with two control pane... DOWNLOAD
pash(sfnet) pash PowerShell open source cross-platform reimpleme... DOWNLOAD
mod-slotlimit(sfnet) mod_slotlimit mod_slotlimit is an Apache module that using dy... DOWNLOAD
qmodelviewer(sfnet) QModelViewer QModelViewer is the QBlock 3D model viewing too... DOWNLOAD
phpunixman(sfnet) phpMan phpMan.php is a unix Man page / Perldoc / Info ... DOWNLOAD
nha-ext2(sfnet) NHA-Ext2 □ Developing a new block allocation scheme of E... DOWNLOAD
spcomm(sfnet) Serial Port This project is dll which can help user to comm... DOWNLOAD
sbills(sfnet) Simple Billing System sbills is an Internet traffic monitor. If, for ... DOWNLOAD
fbgrid(sfnet) FBGrid Grid is PHP class that allows modifications, in... DOWNLOAD
directmidinet(sfnet) DirectMidi.NET A wrapper around the DirectMidi project to brin... DOWNLOAD
mywindowsheartb(sfnet) MyWindowsHeartbeat If you need a service like heartbeat for linux ... DOWNLOAD
lassi(sfnet) Lassi - Lighting Assistant Lassi is free software for theatre lighting con... DOWNLOAD
tesseract-ocr(freshmeat) tesseract-ocr tesseract-ocr is an OCR engine originally devel... DOWNLOAD

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