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ipod-on-linux(sfnet) iPod on Linux iPod was designed to work with the Mac. It was ... DOWNLOAD
lottodo(sfnet) Lottodo (I have a lot to do) Lottodo is a simple task list application that ... DOWNLOAD
atf-additions(sfnet) Eclipse Ajax Additions A collection of plugins to complement the Ajax ... DOWNLOAD
outcall(sfnet) OutCALL OutCALL application is designed for integration... DOWNLOAD
ksmp3play(sfnet) ksmp3play ksmp3play is an curses-based MP3 player. This a... DOWNLOAD
clupan(sfnet) clupan clupan is a tool for performing the cluster exp... DOWNLOAD
projectilecalc(sfnet) Projectile Projectile motion is a GUI based program that c... DOWNLOAD
form4db(sfnet) form4db form4db generates HTML-Forms automatically base... DOWNLOAD
vncviewer-ru(sfnet) vncviewer-ru Russian Edition of RealVNC Free Edition Windows... DOWNLOAD
multienquisas(sfnet) MultiEnquisas MultiEnquisas allows to create,modify and manip... DOWNLOAD
crazytaxi(sfnet) Crazy Taxi Crazy Taxi By Sega. DOWNLOAD
pfyshnet(sfnet) pfyshnet Pfyshnet is a public anonymous peer to peer net... DOWNLOAD
rubysudoku(sfnet) Ruby Sudoku A Sudoku game written in Ruby/Tk DOWNLOAD
nsolver(sfnet) nsolver Simple command-line solver of the nonogram logi... DOWNLOAD
adsviewer(sfnet) ADSViewer ADSViewer is a tool to search and manage altern... DOWNLOAD
simonexplorer(sfnet) Simon Explorer Se volete un browser vostro e libero di farne q... DOWNLOAD
osc-paymentdpos(freshmeat) DirectPOS-Payment for osCommerce The DirectPOS-Payment for osCommerce project pr... DOWNLOAD
prettycrime(sfnet) PrettyCrime PrettyCrime is a webbased crime map visualisati... DOWNLOAD
touchmegames(sfnet) TouchMe Games A suite of games. Games include sudoku, wordhun... DOWNLOAD
iupubsonline(sfnet) Indiana University PubsOnline Indiana University PubsOnline is an open source... DOWNLOAD
xbplayer(sfnet) XBMP (XBox Media Player) XBMP (XBox Media Player) has been discontinued ... DOWNLOAD
practic(sfnet) PràcTIC Centralized user management system for the FCT ... DOWNLOAD
phpwebcams(sfnet) PHP Webcams PHP Webcams is a script that displays an index ... DOWNLOAD
logtopus(sfnet) logtopus Logtopus, a tool to automatically generate grap... DOWNLOAD
javaidmef(sfnet) JavaIDMEF library JavaIDMEF is an implementation of IDMEF in Java... DOWNLOAD
netx-rv(sfnet) Recursive Network Execute Netx-rv is an extension of NETwork eXecute, the... DOWNLOAD
iuclsdparser(sfnet) Indiana University CLSD Parser Scripts Data Ingest Parsers for Centralized Life Scienc... DOWNLOAD
pscriptide(sfnet) PScriptIDE Postscript IDE for Eclipse DOWNLOAD
jabbot(sfnet) jabbot Jabber bot, that provide remoute control by &qu... DOWNLOAD
formvolfact(sfnet) RPS Formation Volume Factor Module Calculates Oil Formation Volume Factor OFVF fro... DOWNLOAD
qostx(sfnet) Quick Open Source Text Sender This program has a combined headers for text me... DOWNLOAD
arpe(sfnet) ARPE build and manage beowulf-style cluster -remote ... DOWNLOAD
peloton(sfnet) Peloton, a distributed service platform Peloton is an event driven distributed Service ... DOWNLOAD
selectiveapi(sfnet) Selective API Engine The Selective API Engine is a .NET framework wh... DOWNLOAD
goldlight(sfnet) GoldLight A collection of SilverLight controls. T... DOWNLOAD
imclass(sfnet) ImClass The program for image classification,processing... DOWNLOAD
objectpeephole(sfnet) Object PeepHole ObjectPeepHole is a .NET utility to ease the in... DOWNLOAD
whack(sfnet) whack WHACK (Website Helper Audit for Credentials and... DOWNLOAD
drex(sfnet) dr'ex dr'ex is a GPLed exokernel written in C/asm for... DOWNLOAD
qgspider(sfnet) QGSpider - a game cheater for Linux Most games store values for money, energy etc. ... DOWNLOAD
sctr(sfnet) Boxfish3d Boxfish3d is a stand-alone VRML97/X3D viewer fo...
qn-plot(sfnet) QN Plot This chart implementation provides graphs of on... DOWNLOAD
v2kparse(sfnet) Verilog 2005 parser Verilog 2005 synthesizable subset parser built ... DOWNLOAD
codedistancevis(sfnet) Code Distance Visualizer Code Distance Visualizer is a static program an... DOWNLOAD
victordoamaral(sfnet) victordoamaral C code to compute very fast the checksum of str... DOWNLOAD
vilahauer(sfnet) vilahauer C code to encrypt files or strings using AES 25... DOWNLOAD
jardimdasameric(sfnet) jardimdasamericas C code to detected lines of a soundcard , and w... DOWNLOAD
derder(sfnet) derder C code to encode wav pcm files in the mp3 forma... DOWNLOAD
jamailmar(sfnet) jamailmar C code to play and extract OGG Vorbis media fil... DOWNLOAD
parolin(sfnet) parolin C code to list , test , and extract tar , tar-g... DOWNLOAD
jdsm(sfnet) jDSM jDSM is a Java library for representing and ana... DOWNLOAD
acms-liveupdate(sfnet) ACMS - CMS with LiveUpdate New system CMS - Content Menager System with Li... DOWNLOAD
nas400plugin(sfnet) Nagios AS400 Plugin Nagios plugin to monitor IBM AS400 DOWNLOAD
bbd(sfnet) Beats By Design Artificially intelligent drum machine DOWNLOAD
divbyzero(sfnet) DivByZero Code Library Free scripts & examples- JSP, Eclipse, SQL,... DOWNLOAD
aoblogger(sfnet) aoblogger aoblogger is a fast, efficient, clean, secure, ... DOWNLOAD
chatbot-eliza(sfnet) Chatterbot Eliza These program is an Eliza like chatterbot,bots ... DOWNLOAD
look-alike(sfnet) Look Alike This program compares two words (Strings), and ... DOWNLOAD
fortune-perl(sfnet) fortune-perl This is the port of a popular BSD game fortune.... DOWNLOAD
timesleuth-rule(sfnet) TimeSleuth - Temporal Rule Discovery TimeSleuth discovers temporal decision rules. I... DOWNLOAD
nissanconsult(sfnet) Nissan Consult libraries A set of libraries in different programming lan... DOWNLOAD
sharpmagic(sfnet) sharpmagic sharpmagic: is a complete wrapper for Libmagic DOWNLOAD
arpdetective(sfnet) ARP Detective With that application you can be alerted if som... DOWNLOAD
cppcc(sfnet) C++ Compiler Compiler (CppCC) CppCC is an object-oriented scanner and LL(k) p... DOWNLOAD
qpythonshell(sfnet) QPythonShell A Python Shell has been constructed from Qt, QS... DOWNLOAD
glimpses(sfnet) Glimpses Glimpses is a profiling tool for understanding ... DOWNLOAD
lshtools(sfnet) lshtools Locality Sensitive Hashing is an improved index... DOWNLOAD
brokenfinger(sfnet) Broken Finger BrokenFinger is a collection of demo 3D program... DOWNLOAD
enginemon(sfnet) EngineMonitor DOWNLOAD
deminer(sfnet) Deminer Deminer is a clone of the WinMine program avail... DOWNLOAD
wintetravex(sfnet) WinTetravex A version of Tetravex that allows moving the wh... DOWNLOAD
holtz(sfnet) Holtz Holtz is an implementation of the abstract stra... DOWNLOAD
libnamegen(sfnet) Name generation library libnamegen is a library to generate real and fa... DOWNLOAD
qikblogger(sfnet) Qikblogger Qikblogger is a clone of Its a... DOWNLOAD
flgtwp10(sfnet) Finite Lab GT for WP Making your WordPress blog multilingual is now ... DOWNLOAD
ddao(sfnet) Dynamic Dao Dynamic Dao is JDBC ORM framework. It allows to... DOWNLOAD
freddyimpossibl(sfnet) Freddy Impossible Open Source Action Game inspired by Freddy Hard... DOWNLOAD
pyropes(sfnet) Ropes for python Ropes are a scalable string implementation that... DOWNLOAD
pixelle(sfnet) pixelle An image transformation tool where arbitrary ar... DOWNLOAD
compactpath(sfnet) compactpath compactpath is a python package to handle compa... DOWNLOAD
fligt10(sfnet) Finite Lab Integrated Google Translation Thinking of a creative but simple way to develo... DOWNLOAD
sagetcpserver(sfnet) SageTCPServer An open source TCP interface for the SageTV PVR... DOWNLOAD
srpmix(sfnet) Scripts to expand src.rpm srpmix is a tool to expand src.rpm and create s... DOWNLOAD
webmin(sfnet) webmin modules diverse webmin modules for the daily adminwork DOWNLOAD
fnord(sfnet) fnord Fnord is a simplistic times-table generator. It... DOWNLOAD
qme-dev(sfnet) QME-Dev Workbench (wxSciPy) QME-DEV Workbench (wxScipy) is a data analysis ... DOWNLOAD
webshare(sfnet) Webshare WebShare project (Ajax/PHP), the user-friendly ... DOWNLOAD
asynccontrols(sfnet) AsyncControls - Easy Ajax For ASP.NET AsyncControls is a total rewrite of the ASP.NET... DOWNLOAD
pylcn(sfnet) pyLCN pyLCN tries to implement a HTML-RPC server for ... DOWNLOAD
tledwin(sfnet) TLedWin Implementation of a general numeric LED display... DOWNLOAD
dbms2sde(sfnet) dbms2sde Spatially enables a business table in an RDBMS ... DOWNLOAD
hrringsppc(sfnet) Hungarian Rings for PocketPC Hungarian Rings for PocketPC is a really popula... DOWNLOAD
freesection(sfnet) FreeSection FreeSection is a content management module for ... DOWNLOAD
fwform(sfnet) FWForm Trata de um Framework para a criação das telas ... DOWNLOAD
changerealmlist(sfnet) Change Realmlist A small program to quickly browse your World of... DOWNLOAD
kiids(sfnet) KIIDS The Knowledge-Intensive Interactive Digital Sto... DOWNLOAD
tpln(sfnet) TPLN - Template Processor TPLN is a new template class written in php tha... DOWNLOAD
suds(sfnet) SUDS: SW Bug Detection Infrastructure SUDS is a software bug detection research infra... DOWNLOAD
meges(sfnet) Meges Meges es una aplicación de control/asignación d... DOWNLOAD
broke-aid(sfnet) Broke-Aid: SAN with fencing capabilities Broke-Aid is a cheap SAN alternative with built... DOWNLOAD

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