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omnisockets(sfnet) OmniSockets OmniSockets is an open message-based network in... DOWNLOAD
cpia(sfnet) CPIA: XML Macro Processing in C CPIA is a macro-processing engine for XML (and ... DOWNLOAD
nanodc(sfnet) nanodc - the ncurses dc++ client Nanodc is a DC++ client with ncurses user inter... DOWNLOAD
pymqi(sfnet) Python MQI Interface Pymqi is a Python extension for IBM's Messaging... DOWNLOAD
cegcc(sfnet) CeGCC - Cross development for Pocket PC CeGCC is a cross-development environment for cr... DOWNLOAD
easywamp(sfnet) easy wamp EasyWAMP is a package contains a suitable &... DOWNLOAD
hermine(sfnet) Hermine Server Knowledgebase enterprise environment with new k... DOWNLOAD
vbdevtools(sfnet) vBulletin Development Tools Various development tools for working on the vB... DOWNLOAD
simplebaseje(sfnet) SimpleBaseJE Simple in use, OS-independent discs and records... DOWNLOAD
rubybind(sfnet) rubybind A template library for easy and intuitive bindi... DOWNLOAD
cm4t(sfnet) Circuit Modeling for Transducer (CMT) A toolkit to generate the SPICE file of equival... DOWNLOAD
browsengo(sfnet) BrowseNgo We have stripped out anything and everything wh... DOWNLOAD
bonsai-store(sfnet) Bonsai Project canceled. Program for simple store mana... DOWNLOAD
cardviewer360(sfnet) 360 CardViewer With 360 CardViewer, you can view the GamerCard... DOWNLOAD
passwordbase(sfnet) PasswordBase Easy to use very basic encryption/decryption to... DOWNLOAD
lillybot(sfnet) lillybot Lillybot is an OpenCyc-based irc chatbot. It im... DOWNLOAD
halfpassglitch(sfnet) HalfPass Firmware for The Glitch to create two factor au... DOWNLOAD
saptags(sfnet) SAPtags SAPtags is a set of Tags that enables calling a... DOWNLOAD
vcs-util(sfnet) vcs-util vcs-util is a utility aimed at providing a more... DOWNLOAD
catechesis-omk(sfnet) Katechezy na Rok Kolbiański Materiały służą do prowadzenia lekcji religii l... DOWNLOAD
weaselaudiolib(sfnet) Weasel Audio Library Web Enabled Audio and Sound Enhancement Library... DOWNLOAD
rpgtracker(sfnet) RPG Tracker This might one day become a tool for tracking ... DOWNLOAD
nettabconverter(sfnet) Mer's 'Net Tab Converter Mer's Net Tab Converter renders text-formatted ... DOWNLOAD
mmkas(sfnet) Mathematical Model System MMKAS (mathematical model development and analy... DOWNLOAD
paiib(sfnet) PAIIB PAIIB is a simple IRC bot written in perl. PAII... DOWNLOAD
rsyslog(sfnet) syslog replacement - rsyslog A syslogd supporting on-demand disk buffering, ... DOWNLOAD
mm8leveleditor(sfnet) Might and Magic 6-8 Level Editor A Java Utility to edit and create new game cont... DOWNLOAD
csregex(sfnet) Free CSRegEx regular expressions engine Simple to use C++ regular expressions class. Wo... DOWNLOAD
kvm-simple-init(freshmeat) kvm-simple-init kvm-simple-init can perform the following actio... DOWNLOAD
simsam(sfnet) simsam Simsam is a simple MIDI sample playback program... DOWNLOAD
browsemonkey(sfnet) BrowseMonkey BrowseMonkey is simple : an offline directory b... DOWNLOAD
cars(sfnet) cars Cars 2: Crash into cars of similar color. Avoid... DOWNLOAD
wisdom-pe(sfnet) WISDOM Production Environment The WISDOM project is a Grid based production e... DOWNLOAD
fats(sfnet) Fast Asterisk's Telephony Services FATS - FATS is a Twisted and Fast Asterisk's Te... DOWNLOAD
jstree(sfnet) jsTree jsTree is a cross browser jQuery based tree com... DOWNLOAD
swiss-atc(sfnet) Swiss ATC This is a simulation for x-plane pilots and con... DOWNLOAD
phupload(sfnet) PHuPload PHuPload is a simple web-based file-manager wri... DOWNLOAD
framewave(sfnet) Framewave Framewave is a collection of popular image and ... DOWNLOAD
mobvoc(sfnet) MobVoc - Mobile Vocabulary Trainer MobVoc is a basic vocabulary trainer for small ... DOWNLOAD
libhex(sfnet) libhex Library for manipulating hexagonal grids. Suppo... DOWNLOAD
soulmate(sfnet) Soulmate Multi-platform Netsoul client written in C++ wi... DOWNLOAD
dnotas(sfnet) DNotas Um bloco de notas simples feito em C#. DOWNLOAD
vswg(sfnet) vswg VSWG (Very Simple Webalbum Generator) is a full... DOWNLOAD
aoflagger(sfnet) AOFlagger The AOFlagger is a tool that can find and remov... DOWNLOAD
fb-fight-game(sfnet) FreeBASIC Fighting Game A fighting game (currently in its beginnings) d... DOWNLOAD
qwinff(sfnet) QWinFF The source code is hosted at DOWNLOAD
cayman3341(sfnet) Cayman USB Driver USB Driver for Netopia Cayman 3341 DSL modem fo... DOWNLOAD
rearviewmirror(sfnet) RearViewMirror RearViewMirror is a simple open-source director... DOWNLOAD
j-chkmail(sfnet) Joe's j-chkmail j-chkmail is a complete solution to mail filter... DOWNLOAD
radanalyze(sfnet) Proxy Radius Server Analyzer Analyzes radius proxy servers by monitoring rad... DOWNLOAD
flip-tool4pl(sfnet) FLiP - Tool for Product Lines The FLiP tool is an Eclipse plugin to support P... DOWNLOAD
openimpro(sfnet) OpenImpro This project aims to provide a Content Manageme... DOWNLOAD
nlkt(sfnet) nlkt Non-linear keyboard trainer. DOWNLOAD
myjdcms(sfnet) MyJDCMS MyJDCMS is a very simple content management sys... DOWNLOAD
openrcomtools(sfnet) Open R-Community Tools Open R-Community Tools is a software to build a... DOWNLOAD
betonfootball(sfnet) betonfootball betonfootball betonfootball DOWNLOAD
xcool(sfnet) XCool XCool is an XQL (XML Query Language) implementa... DOWNLOAD
shoot(sfnet) The Shoot-em-up Project A 3D game (and engine/level editor) written usi... DOWNLOAD
spin-chirps(sfnet) SPIN - CHIRPS Peer-to-Peer Application CHIRPS is a platform-independent peer-to-peer a... DOWNLOAD
mcmlookalike(sfnet) MCMLookalike A project to create an MCML interface as close ... DOWNLOAD
mwbb(sfnet) MediaWiki Bulletin Board Message board or forum system for MediaWiki tha... DOWNLOAD
jxdb(sfnet) jXdb An XML Database that tracks revisions DOWNLOAD
ilouyou(sfnet) iLouYou It's a Flash RIA Site aim at make friends of ur... DOWNLOAD
durasia(sfnet) Durasia Durasia is a free 2D massively multi-player onl... DOWNLOAD
pml-mode(sfnet) pml-mode for Emacs A major mode written for GNU Emacs 22.1 to edit... DOWNLOAD
ddf-files(sfnet) Dicto dictionaries DDF Dictionaries for Dicto ( DOWNLOAD
vform(sfnet) VForm VForm is a script to check forms. It can valida... DOWNLOAD
fedoracolinux(sfnet) Fedora coLinux Fedora coLinux is a fully functional coLinux di... DOWNLOAD
pachivc2012(sfnet) pachivc2012 Convert Pachi Go Game to VC2012 on Windows. 30 ... DOWNLOAD
digraphanalysis(sfnet) The Digraph Analysis Project A set of tools for analysis of information that... DOWNLOAD
ptraco(sfnet) Ptraco, Project Tracking System Ptraco, Complete Solution for the Project Manag... DOWNLOAD
screenjournal(sfnet) ScreenJournal A multiplatform (win/linux, soon osX) applicati... DOWNLOAD
gf-tools(sfnet) Grammatical Framework The Grammatical Framework (GF) is a grammar for... DOWNLOAD
fdbxml(sfnet) FdbXml Fdbxml makes some simple rules for users to wri... DOWNLOAD
pacpl(sfnet) Perl Audio Converter A Linux CLI tool for converting multiple audio ... DOWNLOAD
cmil(sfnet) Common Media Input Layer CMIL's goal is to improve the state of input ha... DOWNLOAD
anas(sfnet) aNAS Simple clone NAS for Home Network DOWNLOAD
infocrawler(sfnet) infocrawler InfoCrawler allows you to crawl and index vario... DOWNLOAD
ircbotvb6(sfnet) IRC Bot [VB6] Hey this is an IRC Bot. It so far only handles ... DOWNLOAD
magex(sfnet) MaGeX Maps with GPS eXtended DOWNLOAD
currencyconpro(sfnet) Currency Converter Pro Currency Converter Pro is a currency converter ... DOWNLOAD
leinenzwang1(sfnet) Leinenzwang - Part 1 Shop Software :: Patches & Updates :: Sprac... DOWNLOAD
xmhf(sfnet) eXtensible Modular Hypervisor Framework XMHF is an eXtensible and Modular Hypervisor Fr... DOWNLOAD
sshproxy001(sfnet) sshproxy001 sshproxy, only for admin test DOWNLOAD
portableabiword(sfnet) AbiWord Portable (Now @ The AbiWord Portable project is now part of the... DOWNLOAD
vbpackcompile(sfnet) VB Packager And Compiler Portable , Faster, Smaller EXE No Runtime Neede... DOWNLOAD
sciencestim(sfnet) ScienceStim Protocols, libraries and applications for comme... DOWNLOAD
cryssmex(sfnet) CrySSMEx The Crystallizing Substochastic Sequential Mach... DOWNLOAD
betk(sfnet) Bob's Excuse to KILL Help Bob in his fantastic quest to KILL someone... DOWNLOAD
minisimon(sfnet) miniSimon miniSimon is a clone of the popular game Simon.... DOWNLOAD
maze3d-net(sfnet) Maze3D-net Maze3D is an application which provides the cre... DOWNLOAD
atlantistalker(sfnet) Atlantis Talker Atlantis Talker is a telnet-based chat server w... DOWNLOAD
orangegears(sfnet) OrangeGears ERP/CRM OrangeGears ERP/CRM based on Apache OFBiz. DOWNLOAD
gnomesalon(sfnet) Gnome Salon Gnome Salon - a PHP-Gtk Point of Sale and CRM s... DOWNLOAD
tinyerpua(sfnet) tinyerpua Ukrainian localization for Tiny ERP 4 DOWNLOAD
routermanager(sfnet) Router Manager This Linux script helps people learn how to pro... DOWNLOAD
hgcfwforphp(sfnet) HGC Framework for PHP Framework for developing PHP applications easy ... DOWNLOAD
xdriller(sfnet) xdriller Xdriller is a portable puzzle game inspired in ... DOWNLOAD
seamless-web(sfnet) seamless Seam(less) is an open-source web application fr... DOWNLOAD
e-invoiz(sfnet) BizTalk components for e-Invoice BizTalk components for e-Invoice Set of add-on... DOWNLOAD

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