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kconfigure(sfnet) kconfigure Kconfigure is a KDE program to compile the sour... DOWNLOAD
interest(sfnet) Interest Interest is a financial management system for p... DOWNLOAD
tskmount-fuse(sfnet) tskmount-fuse tskmount, is a Fuse filesystem written in perl ... DOWNLOAD
tcl-pkg(sfnet) Tcl-Pkg Tcl-Pkg is a GUI application written in Tcl/Tk.... DOWNLOAD
bar-code(sfnet) barcode Barcode is a small implementation of a barcode ... DOWNLOAD
sex(sfnet) sEx - Super Extractor A wrapper for dozens of archiving, compression ... DOWNLOAD
javaclassfind(sfnet) jcFind This is a Python cli command line utility that ... DOWNLOAD
billmaker(sfnet) Bill Maker 1.0 Create Bills, Invoices. Manage Customers, Suppl... DOWNLOAD
classtester(sfnet) ClassTester ClassTeser is a simple Java testing tool. Class... DOWNLOAD
dragndropcms(sfnet) DragNDropCMS The design of this CMS is changed by using the ... DOWNLOAD
asioemu(sfnet) asioemu The program has been written in order to copy A... DOWNLOAD
trecx(sfnet) Tracking/Reporting in e-learning context The software is intended to facilitate tracking... DOWNLOAD
msi-repository(sfnet) Open Source MSI repository Repository for open source software re-packaged... DOWNLOAD
otto(sfnet) otto audio jukebox ALERT: Otto has been revived in a new version! ... DOWNLOAD
protoeditor(sfnet) Protoeditor debugger frontend Protoeditor is a small KDE text editor develope... DOWNLOAD
rlingest(sfnet) RL Ingest This Mac OS application takes H.264 MOV and XDC... DOWNLOAD
resm(sfnet) RESM RESM: Randomly Evolving Software Mind is a proj... DOWNLOAD
ocmwebminplus(sfnet) Webmin with Bacula Integration Webmin Plus was Open Country's enhancement to W... DOWNLOAD
gtool(sfnet) gtool gtool is a simple tool for: search, download an... DOWNLOAD
jacktube(sfnet) Jacktube Jacktube is an audio/MIDI processing program us... DOWNLOAD
pydao(sfnet) PyDAO - Python Object Relational Mapper PyDAO is very thin object-relational mapper sim... DOWNLOAD
pstools(sfnet) PowerShell Tools This is a package of cmdlets for PowerShell. Cu... DOWNLOAD
leetgen(sfnet) LeetGen LeetGen is a small multi-language application, ... DOWNLOAD
codicefisc(sfnet) FiscalPyCode It's a python program that calculates your fisc... DOWNLOAD
tryst(sfnet) tryst - framework tryst is a framework which helps to ease develo... DOWNLOAD
ampui(sfnet) Ampui Another MPlayer user interface for windows DOWNLOAD
mavericksshapi(sfnet) Maverick .NET SSH API Maverick .NET is an SSH API for the .NET platfo... DOWNLOAD
brainnet36-ethernet-sniffer(sfnet) An ethernet sniffer for BrainNet36® This Ethernet sniffer was designed to work toge... DOWNLOAD
multijads(sfnet) MultiJADS: Multiagent ADD Shell MultiJADS is a domain independent multiagent ac... DOWNLOAD
phpcheckstyle(sfnet) PHPCheckstyle PHPCheckStyle is a tool that helps PHP programm... DOWNLOAD
pxw4pa(sfnet) Poor Xml Wrapper 4 Php Arrays pXw4Pa (poor XML wrapper for PHP arrays) are 2 ... DOWNLOAD
soundplay(sfnet) SoundPLAY SoundPLAY is a next generation media player wit... DOWNLOAD
littlebrowse(sfnet) LittleBrowse LittleBrowse is a lightweight web browser built... DOWNLOAD
littletux(sfnet) Littletux Networked Audio Player Audio Player MP3 & FLAC feature remote cont... DOWNLOAD
nxtcamview(sfnet) NXTCamView NXTCamView is a Windows app that configures and... DOWNLOAD
xacml-learning(sfnet) XACML Learning Tool This application is meant for those end users, ... DOWNLOAD
rmn(sfnet) ROBIN mesh network ROBIN is a 0-config mesh network firmware, it's... DOWNLOAD
gtalkclient(sfnet) XMess Goo "eXcellent Messenger for Google" is a... DOWNLOAD
dbcomparator(sfnet) NE DB Comparator DB Comparator is a simple to use tool to compar... DOWNLOAD
pentagon(sfnet) Pentagon A heuristical procedure to detect rotational sy... DOWNLOAD
xliff20roundtriptool(sfnet) XLIFF2.0 RoundTrip Tool This very Beta tool processes XML files to XLIF... DOWNLOAD
tgmapv3(sfnet) The Garry's Mod Addon Project Version 3 The Garry's Mod Addon Project Version 3! This i... DOWNLOAD
nausicaa-scheme(sfnet) nausicaa-scheme A collection of libraries for R6RS compliant Sc... DOWNLOAD
pman(sfnet) ProMan Système simple de gestion de workflow basé sur ... DOWNLOAD
sudown(sfnet) sudo implementation for Windows A sudo implementation for Microsoft Windows XP.... DOWNLOAD
gnome-feed-line(freshmeat) GFeedLine GFeedLine is a social networking client. It su... DOWNLOAD
skatstat(sfnet) Skat Statistics skatstat ist ein webbasiertes Programm zur Ausw... DOWNLOAD
klaverjasscore(sfnet) Klaverjas Score A program to keep the score of a klaverjas card... DOWNLOAD
mwinapi(sfnet) Managed Windows API A collection of .NET components that wrap PInvo... DOWNLOAD
clint-sc(sfnet) CLINT Command Interface to System Calls System calls command line utilties for Linux an... DOWNLOAD
nuclearbb(sfnet) NuclearBB NuclearBB is a forum system with features you w... DOWNLOAD
phpmdj(sfnet) phpMDJ phpMDJ est un CMS destiné aux mouvements de jeu... DOWNLOAD
scn(sfnet) scn Es un software para la automatizacion de calcul... DOWNLOAD
mp-se(sfnet) MPSE DOWNLOAD
mothersdayfactory21436589(sfnet) Project to Be Deleted. プラグが差し込まれは周期的な開示に対して enhans... DOWNLOAD
antrolicious(sfnet) Antrolicious Sales of digital material for designing Scrapbook DOWNLOAD
xllmnrd(freshmeat) xllmnrd xllmnrd is an IPv6 LLMNR responder daemon (prim... DOWNLOAD
modphpcms(sfnet) Modular PHP CMS Another PHP content manager system, designed to... DOWNLOAD
jabbertools(sfnet) JabberTools JabberTools is a set of console- and web-based ... DOWNLOAD
criticalmass(sfnet) Critical Mass (aka Critter) SDL/OpenGL space shoot'em up game DOWNLOAD
libteklti(sfnet) Technical Library Template Interface The Technical Library Template Interface is a l... DOWNLOAD
mwamko(sfnet) Mwamko: Virtualization Control Mwamko is a web interface for OpenVZ. As of Aug... DOWNLOAD
vlcvideowallcon(sfnet) VLC VideoWall Controller Excel based scripts to control remote machines ... DOWNLOAD
ickle(sfnet) ickle ickle is an ICQ2000 Client using the gtk-- grap... DOWNLOAD
klightsout(sfnet) KLightsOut KLightsOut is a KDE clone of an old handheld el... DOWNLOAD
pluie(sfnet) PLUIE Sorry, a breakdown of computer caused a light d... DOWNLOAD
socpipe(sfnet) socpipe Socpipe provides a remote terminal interface fo... DOWNLOAD
evilcpc(sfnet) Evil Car PC evilcpc is a cross-platform framework for devel... DOWNLOAD
ischedule(sfnet) icalendar aware desktop widget A iCalendar aware desktop widget for fluxbox an... DOWNLOAD
gugi-ums(sfnet) Simple User Management System A simple, easy to use, easily installed user ma... DOWNLOAD
spear2-tools(sfnet) spear2-tools This project provides a tool-chain for compilin... DOWNLOAD
testupl(sfnet) testUpl DOWNLOAD
prcs2hg(sfnet) prcs2hg prcs2hg is a command (and also a Python package... DOWNLOAD
airtodo(sfnet) airTODO - Project Management Tool *** English *** airTODO is a minimalist project... DOWNLOAD
tkgames(sfnet) tkgames Tkgames is a site for games written using the p... DOWNLOAD
flatland(sfnet) Flatland 2D Physics Library Flatland is a simple cross-platform object-orie... DOWNLOAD
discid(sfnet) discid discid is a small program to calculate the disc... DOWNLOAD
vcpp-mode(sfnet) Visual C++ mode for (X)Emacs vcpp-mode is a mode for (X)Emacs to edit Vi... DOWNLOAD
orautils(sfnet) Oracle Utilities Collection of utilities for Oracle database use... DOWNLOAD
lights(sfnet) LighTS LighTS is a lightweight Java implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
smser(sfnet) smser SMSer is a command-line application that lets y... DOWNLOAD
mp3query(sfnet) mp3query mp3 database - extract, compile and publish ID3... DOWNLOAD
libstacktrace(sfnet) libstacktrace A library for easily and quickly getting a deta... DOWNLOAD
deadzone(sfnet) DeadZone (Ajax BNT) DeadZone is a total rework of the popular web b... DOWNLOAD
conflict(sfnet) conflict Conflict allows developers to "fail fast&q... DOWNLOAD
punit-php(sfnet) PUnit An elegant, lightweight unit testing framework ... DOWNLOAD
sigma-forum(sfnet) Sigma Forum A dynamic forum using jQuery to provide a fast ... DOWNLOAD
vmcetve3client(sfnet) vmcetve3client MediaCenter Client is a plugin for Windows Medi... DOWNLOAD
v-link(sfnet) Link Validator Ant task class for web-site links validation DOWNLOAD
myfirstprogramg(sfnet) MyFirstProgramganesh DOWNLOAD
vlayr(sfnet) Vlayr Vlayr is a digital signage application for Linu... DOWNLOAD
jt65-hf(sfnet) JT65-HF For a new version of JT65-HF in active developm... DOWNLOAD
jjbox(sfnet) joHnnY's Jukebox A 100% Java MP3 player primarily for use in a h... DOWNLOAD
duo-wrapper(sfnet) DUO: UNO/Java wrapper Easy to use Java wrapper for UNO... DOWNLOAD
kengine(sfnet) K3dEngine K3dEngine is open source game engine for creati... DOWNLOAD
hpk(sfnet) handy 's password keeper Handy 's password keeper (HPK) is an simple per... DOWNLOAD
njamd(sfnet) NJAMD (Not Just Another Malloc Debugger) NJAMD (Not Just Another Malloc Debugger) protec... DOWNLOAD
lastbash(sfnet) console player LastBASH is a console/terminal based player for... DOWNLOAD
plugins24(sfnet) WP - Plugins24 Useful plugins for the WordPress Content-Manage... DOWNLOAD
jumanji(sfnet) Jumanji framework Jumanji is an framework for development of inte... DOWNLOAD

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