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winapptools(sfnet) WinAppTools ATTENZIONE: Questo software e protetto da licen... DOWNLOAD
clonepad(sfnet) Clonepad Clonepad is a simple open source text editor, l... DOWNLOAD
cuda-z(sfnet) cuda-z Simple program that displays information about ... DOWNLOAD
vdistudio(sfnet) VDI Studio VDI Studio is a free editor for VirtualBox disk... DOWNLOAD
ametys(freshmeat) Ametys Ametys is a powerful Web CMS used by many insti... DOWNLOAD
k3studio(sfnet) K3Studio K3Studio is the universal workbench for 2d/3d m... DOWNLOAD
calccsharp(sfnet) Calculator Simple calculator made in C# DOWNLOAD
jminigolf(sfnet) JMiniGolf This project is a 2d minigolf simulation game w... DOWNLOAD
dldigui(sfnet) DLDI Linux GUI DLDI is a tool to dynamic link your Nintendo DS... DOWNLOAD
chopecrew(sfnet) ChopeCREW Air France planning importation, processing, an... DOWNLOAD
popeye-chess(sfnet) Popeye (chess) Popeye is a chess problem solving and testing s... DOWNLOAD
rand-file-split(sfnet) random Filesplitter a smal tool tat can split a file into to files ... DOWNLOAD
draconisatari(sfnet) Draconis Internet Package for ATARI/TOS Draconis is a suite with several Internet Progr... DOWNLOAD
warwifi(sfnet) War WiFi+ WPA-Compatible WLAN-Scanner for PocketPCs (wm20... DOWNLOAD
vfsjfilechooser(sfnet) VFSJFileChooser A free Virtual Filesystem Browser written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
sbrppr(sfnet) sbrppr Program is funny way of reading Bible, with hid... DOWNLOAD
ultimatepassgen(sfnet) Ultimate Password Tool Ultimate Password Tool You Want Best Password,... DOWNLOAD
betsystem1x2(sfnet) BetSystem1x2 DOWNLOAD
chan-sccp(sfnet) Asterisk SCCP channel driver Skinny (SCCP) Channel Driver for the Asterisk O... DOWNLOAD
delitedb(sfnet) DELite DELite(Database Support for Embedded Lightweigh... DOWNLOAD
fgl(sfnet) Francois's Game Library Francois's Game Library is an object-oriented l... DOWNLOAD
checknis(sfnet) check_nis Nagios plugin to check the status of a NIS serv... DOWNLOAD
vlnax(sfnet) vlnax XSLT 2.0 stylesheet that inserts non-breaking s... DOWNLOAD
cell-kmeans(sfnet) K-means algorithm for Cell/B.E. Implementation of K-means algorithm on Cell Bro... DOWNLOAD
jqstat(sfnet) Jqstat A graphical front end to view jobs submited to ... DOWNLOAD
cipe-linux(sfnet) CIPE - encrypted IP in UDP tunneling A package for encrypted IP over UDP tunneling. ... DOWNLOAD
gulaschkanone(sfnet) Gulaschkanone A World War 2 shooter based on the sauerbraten ... DOWNLOAD
bitmapgauger(sfnet) Bitmap Gauger Bitmap Gauger is a multipurpose tool for determ... DOWNLOAD
aspnetblobandthumbnailcontrol(sfnet) ASP.NET BLOB and Thumbnail Control A set of ASP.NET server controls for developing... DOWNLOAD
allemagne32(sfnet) Allemagne x32 DOWNLOAD
beanbuilder(sfnet) BeanBuilder-a database code generator. A Java code generation tool that allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
vietsource(sfnet) YAW2P YAW2P is yet another web2.0 project. DOWNLOAD
pyqt(freshmeat) PyQt PyQt is a comprehensive set of Python bindings ... DOWNLOAD
pocket-linux(sfnet) The Pocket Linux Guide The Pocket Linux Guide is for anyone interested... DOWNLOAD
libxcript(sfnet) Xcript Xcript is an embedded scripting language for C+... DOWNLOAD
radmind(sfnet) Radmind Radmind is a suite of Unix command-line tools a... DOWNLOAD
spelltime(sfnet) SpellTime SpellTime is a program to help kids (or adults)... DOWNLOAD
usu(sfnet) USb in User space USb in Userspace, is a generic usb driver. It t... DOWNLOAD
csgestionnaire(sfnet) CSGestionnaire CSGestionnaire is a software developed for fren... DOWNLOAD
reviewmonk(sfnet) ReviewMonk ReviewMonk is a code reviewing tool for Subvers... DOWNLOAD
qgmview(sfnet) Qt Graphic Map Viewer Utility to provide caching and offline viewing ... DOWNLOAD
objc3d(sfnet) ObjC3D An open source 3D engine designed specifically ... DOWNLOAD
sywico(sfnet) SyWiCo SyWiCo is a tool for managing concurrent modifi... DOWNLOAD
jarclassloader(sfnet) JarClassLoader JarClassLoader is an implementation of the java... DOWNLOAD
ndbwatch(sfnet) ndb_watch This utility is designed to notify you by email... DOWNLOAD
theroundtuit(sfnet) The Round Tuit The Round Tuit homework tracker helps you keep ... DOWNLOAD
getsar(sfnet) getsar This script is made to work with the sar2html u... DOWNLOAD
stoneclicker(sfnet) Stone Clicker Ein Spiel worum es darum geht Steine zu sammeln... DOWNLOAD
maxious(sfnet) Maxious\' SF Projects Several small projects; A simple UDP chat progr... DOWNLOAD
organ-izer(sfnet) Organ-Izer A music and movie collection organizer. THIS PR... DOWNLOAD
swing-jcalendar(sfnet) JCalendar JCalendar is a simple and reusable Java Swing c... DOWNLOAD
hwsensors(sfnet) HWSensors HWSensors is a software bundle that includes dr... DOWNLOAD
mousesensexport(sfnet) Mouse Sensitivity Exporter Mouse Sensitivity Exporter is a tool made to he... DOWNLOAD
http-rpc(sfnet) HTTP-RPC A simple, easy to use RPC alternative to SOAP o... DOWNLOAD
janus86(sfnet) janus86 An x86 kernel with inbuilt feature for loading ... DOWNLOAD
theftpclient(sfnet) The FTP Client A simple FTP client. DOWNLOAD
jarexplorer(sfnet) Jar Explorer Jar Explorer is a simple, easy-to-use applicati... DOWNLOAD
jetcat(sfnet) Jetcat - the Java NetCat Yet another re-implementation of (some of) the ... DOWNLOAD
op-framework(sfnet) Op Framework The Op Framework is an holistic Java-based appr... DOWNLOAD
infernolib(sfnet) infernolib Just another wrapper library for Windows writte... DOWNLOAD
graph-utils(sfnet) graph-utils A set of small utilities realizing theoretical ... DOWNLOAD
flex-ajax(sfnet) Flex AJAX Framework A Comprehensive AJAX Framework supported with P... DOWNLOAD
dstun(sfnet) dstun A delphi librry for stun(rfc3489). DOWNLOAD
ns3-lte(sfnet) LTE module for ns-3 Development of LTE module for ns-3. Our researc... DOWNLOAD
mp4creator(sfnet) MP4Creator A MPEG4 Multiplexer/Demultiplexer to create IET... DOWNLOAD
barcodesoftware(sfnet) WPF Barcode Software A barcode software application written entirely... DOWNLOAD
pgarcng(sfnet) pgArcNG pgArcNG -the ArcGIS(ArcMap) connector to postgi... DOWNLOAD
djuzeppe(sfnet) djuzeppe djuzeppe - is a web-based AI Engine and AI Edit... DOWNLOAD
tides(sfnet) JSP Tides The Struts Tiles library follower intended for ... DOWNLOAD
cl4others(sfnet) cl4others To create an implementation of Novell ClientTru... DOWNLOAD
sdvalidator(sfnet) Structured Document Validator SDValidator implements a generalized method for... DOWNLOAD
saeal(sfnet) Simple and Effective Ajax Library Simple and Effective Ajax Library tries to avoi... DOWNLOAD
arspacedynamics(sfnet) Project Sunrise Aimed towards a realistic star fox flight exper... DOWNLOAD
gcheckout(sfnet) gCheckout - Google Checkout PHP API gCheckout is a GPL library of PHP4-5 scripts to... DOWNLOAD
flashsimplerss(sfnet) SimpleRSS The project is an ActionScript2 compatable obje... DOWNLOAD
grapheditor(sfnet) Graph Editor This tool is based on Graph Theory learning. It... DOWNLOAD
mpiplugin(sfnet) MPI plugin for KDevelop The goal of this project is to extend an existi... DOWNLOAD
vivs(sfnet) ViVs - Vi Emulator for Visual Studio This is a Vi emulator for Visual Studio .NET 2005. DOWNLOAD
latexedit(sfnet) TeXi A graphical LaTeX editor, which simplifies a lo... DOWNLOAD
aglp(sfnet) aglp login project Base for websites with user's registration and ... DOWNLOAD
kconvert(sfnet) kconvert Class : KConvert for convert character sets bet... DOWNLOAD
gunfiregame(sfnet) Gunfire Top-Down Shooter Engine An open-source top-down shooter engine scrap pr... DOWNLOAD
lubitlinux(sfnet) Lubit Linux Lubit 3.0.7 Scorpion è una distribuzione basat... DOWNLOAD
laboratory(sfnet) Spiritate Laboratory An Operating Environment of Daily Works Try to ... DOWNLOAD
rtca(sfnet) rtca This Software has been created for Real Time Co... DOWNLOAD
prtpacker(sfnet) prtpacker--Portable Resource Tree Packer prtpacker is a tool for creating trees of progr... DOWNLOAD
postnuke(sfnet) PostNuke PostNuke is software that creates an impressive... DOWNLOAD
d-haven(sfnet) Collaboration Tools Tools for every developer to collaborate and wo... DOWNLOAD
core(sfnet) Core Game Engine Core is a general purpose game engine, that run... DOWNLOAD
ibcontractextra(sfnet) IBContractExtractor IbContractExtractor scrapes contract informatio... DOWNLOAD
intralan(sfnet) IntraLAN IntraLAN is an Intranet system for LAN partys. ... DOWNLOAD
tigermouse(sfnet) Tigermouse - AJAX framework for PHP Tigermouse is a modern web applications framewo... DOWNLOAD
n2cms(sfnet) N2 Content Management System An open source CMS engine for .NET developers. ... DOWNLOAD
astyleclipse(sfnet) Astyle Eclipse plugin Artistic Style Eclipse Plugin for formatting C/... DOWNLOAD
vieode(sfnet) Vienna Online Diabetes Education Children and teenagers who are suffering from d... DOWNLOAD
movic(sfnet) Mobile Video Converter Thanks to sourceforge for hosting movic, the pr... DOWNLOAD
barcodereader(sfnet) Bar code reader Java set of methodes for recognising 1d bar cod... DOWNLOAD
lyna(sfnet) LYna - Gestão de Salões de Fitness Aplicação para Gestão de Salões de Fitness (e G... DOWNLOAD
barcoder(sfnet) barcoder Render barcodes EAN-8, EAN-13 with 2/5 digit Ad... DOWNLOAD
mrhd(sfnet) Stereo Reconstruction from Image Pairs Software for creating Depth Maps and DEMs from ... DOWNLOAD

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