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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
dotnetfreb(sfnet) DotNetFreb DOWNLOAD
wpappstudio(sfnet) Wp App Studio Wp App Studio (WPAS) is a cost-effective REST A... DOWNLOAD
alr-encrypt(sfnet) alr-encrypt alr-encrypt has moved to DOWNLOAD
firekanban(sfnet) firekanban Firekanban is an intuitive and easy-to-use Kanb... DOWNLOAD
sqlcons(sfnet) SQL Console The SQL Console is a small tool to work on a MS... DOWNLOAD
jsdbase(sfnet) jsndb is a json nosql database, low configuration, no... DOWNLOAD
w6java(sfnet) W6 Java Edition Real-Time Strategy war game. Written in 100% pu... DOWNLOAD
phxusetrack(sfnet) phxUseTrack Simple PHP/mySQL application that provides over... DOWNLOAD
tera-wurfl(sfnet) tera-wurfl Tera-WURFL can identify the capabilities of mob... DOWNLOAD
owl2prefuse(sfnet) OWL2Prefuse This project aims to provide users with an easy... DOWNLOAD
rcpinspect(sfnet) UI Inspector for Eclipse UI Inspector for Eclipse™ is an Eclipse plugin ... DOWNLOAD
ktodo(sfnet) KTodo KTodo is a to-do list application for KDE . DOWNLOAD
i2ctools(sfnet) I2C read/write tools in OLD MS-DOS i2ctools is a linux-lm_sensors-like utilities c... DOWNLOAD
tabledef(sfnet) TableDef Simple program that will generate SQL CREATE TA... DOWNLOAD
sip-config(sfnet) sip-config sIP Config is small tool that do anything relat... DOWNLOAD
bpmn2animator(sfnet) BPMN2Animator BPMN2Animator is an academic project based on B... DOWNLOAD
simuladordeescalonamentodeproc(sfnet) Simulador de escalonamento de processos Escalonamento de processos é uma atividade orga... DOWNLOAD
exifdatechanger(sfnet) EXIF Date-Changer This is a little Perl-script that extracts the ... DOWNLOAD
mymonitor(sfnet) An advanced MySQL SQL monitoring tool Mymonitor - An SQL monitoing tool for MySQL. It... DOWNLOAD
interceptor1(sfnet) Interceptor Interceptor is an innovative shoot'em'up implem... DOWNLOAD
tuplesoup(sfnet) TupleSoup TupleSoup is a small easily embedable database ... DOWNLOAD
media-tester(sfnet) Media Tester Media Tester Is Multicast Monitoring Tool, This... DOWNLOAD
raken(sfnet) raken Raken, web service controller, is based on JSON... DOWNLOAD
libinstrudeo(sfnet) libinstrudeo Library, initially written for the ScreenKast p... DOWNLOAD
stftp(sfnet) stftp stftp is a "simple" terminal FTP clie... DOWNLOAD
torrenttorque(sfnet) Torrent Torque Torrent Torque is Torrent client fully codet in... DOWNLOAD
pm-frametool(sfnet) The Photomaniac Frame Tool A small application for rendering and printing ... DOWNLOAD
dosbackup(sfnet) DOSBackup DOSBackup is an application to make backup very... DOWNLOAD
b7geps(sfnet) B7 Google Earth Positioning System A program for importing your position (from a N... DOWNLOAD
gosql(sfnet) G.O.SQL G.O.SQL is a web-based data management tool for... DOWNLOAD
gown(sfnet) gOwn graphical tool to change ownership and group fo... DOWNLOAD
tghautodesk(sfnet) Providing open source, publicly available files... DOWNLOAD
jkd-remote(sfnet) JKD-Remote XP Project to manage computer's aplications with r... DOWNLOAD
vpd(sfnet) Pacifica Virtual Program Director Allows approved users to build a virtual stream... DOWNLOAD
tag2utf(sfnet) Tag2Utf cyrillic mp3-tags decoder Tool for encoding tags of mp3 files in the cyri... DOWNLOAD
pgat(sfnet) PGAT PGAT is a graphical interface to PostGIS focuse... DOWNLOAD
tado(sfnet) TADO TADO is a query tool. You can open various data... DOWNLOAD
gedit-pomode(sfnet) po-files editing plugin for gedit gedit-pomode is a plugin for convinient editing... DOWNLOAD
mjk(sfnet) M.J.K. - Magic Japanese Keyboard M.J.K. é um programa que facilita o uso da ling... DOWNLOAD
unnamed-rl(sfnet) Unnamed RL Coffee-break roguelike in active development, w... DOWNLOAD
smartmapupao(sfnet) SmartMapUPAO DOWNLOAD
mraqt(sfnet) mra_qt agent client for Qt >= 4.3 linux Dep... DOWNLOAD
ksync4j(sfnet) ksync4j Provides Java abstract synchronizing engine for... DOWNLOAD
news-maniac(sfnet) News-Maniac News-Maniac is a userfriendly, featurerich and ... DOWNLOAD
yabmas(sfnet) YABMAS - Bandwidth management, Mac Auth. Yet Another Bandwidth Management and Authentica... DOWNLOAD
tinyserver(sfnet) TinyServer This is a very basic http server. This server c... DOWNLOAD
wardbv(sfnet) WarDbV WarDbV "WardrivingDatabaseViewer" is ... DOWNLOAD
grape(sfnet) The GraPE Graphical Proof Editor A tool for proof theorists to study deduction s... DOWNLOAD
easytalk(sfnet) Easy Talk Easy Talk is a java rmi application to send and... DOWNLOAD
odamex-latest(sfnet) Odamex-Latest The latest builds of Odamex, straight from the ... DOWNLOAD
bandman-cms(sfnet) bandman bandman is a specialized CMS designed specifica... DOWNLOAD
defangadmin(sfnet) DefangAdmin DefangAdmin is a web-based interface in PHP for... DOWNLOAD
vapt(sfnet) Visual APT Display APT (Automatically Programmed Tools) ge... DOWNLOAD
acers3fand(sfnet) acers3fand acers3fand is a script which controls your Acer... DOWNLOAD
pyirrlicht(sfnet) pyirrlicht Python ctypes module for the Irrlicht Game Engi... DOWNLOAD
lapercentuale(sfnet) LaPercentuale DOWNLOAD
ed7503u07a1(sfnet) Ed7503U07a1 Project for ED7503 Capella University DOWNLOAD
sylmessenger(sfnet) sylmessenger SYLMessenger, chat online de SYL DOWNLOAD
preschal(sfnet) Presidential Challenge President's Challenge physical fitness scoring ... DOWNLOAD
jgiortes(sfnet) jGiortes jGiortes is whole year calendar with Namedays a... DOWNLOAD
ginkgo(sfnet) Ginkgo Ginkgo is a Java desktop application which disp... DOWNLOAD
exsys(sfnet) ExSyS ExSyS is a Testing/Examination web-base softwar... DOWNLOAD
blowck(sfnet) Blowck This Project is a website which offers an onlin... DOWNLOAD
bsdchannel(sfnet) BSDCHANNEL BSDCHANNEL presents interresting screencasts fo... DOWNLOAD
pygeimporter(sfnet) Google Earth Python Importer This object-oriented python module converts 3D ... DOWNLOAD
gilrasterscan(sfnet) gil raster scan Based on adobe::GIL, describe general raster sc... DOWNLOAD
getfont(sfnet) getFont downloads and instal anmol lipi font on windows... DOWNLOAD
lavenderfw(sfnet) lavender-firewall This is extremely handy for Android Phones, as ... DOWNLOAD
starwartv(sfnet) starwartv No description DOWNLOAD
piggybook(sfnet) PiggyBook Single-entry bookkeeping system. Easy to use. T... DOWNLOAD
meganetspy(sfnet) meganetspy Слежение и оповещение о статусе игроков сервера... DOWNLOAD
xtree-dotnet(sfnet) Xtree.NET Xtree.NET is a .NET/Mono webcontrol which produ... DOWNLOAD
rpg-web(sfnet) Rpg-web RPG-WEB is a real time web-based environment to... DOWNLOAD
barucms(sfnet) BaruCMS BaruCMS is a small PHP-based content management... DOWNLOAD
st-allegiance(sfnet) Star Trek: Allegiance Star Trek: Allegiance is a Browser Based (PHP) ... DOWNLOAD
libsvm-net(sfnet) the libsvm for .net , and the data format use l... DOWNLOAD
json-taglib(sfnet) JSON Tag Library for JSP JSON-taglib is a JSP tag library used to render... DOWNLOAD
datagalaxy(sfnet) Data Galaxy Data Galaxy contains Job Planner, Text Editor, ... DOWNLOAD
magie(sfnet) HDR image processing toolkit Magie is a HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) and ... DOWNLOAD
mamontforum(sfnet) mamontforum The Mamon Forum is a place for communication be... DOWNLOAD
babyaphoto(sfnet) Babya Photo Software Babya PhotoPro is the most professional and pow... DOWNLOAD
warofgods(sfnet) The War of Gods War of gods was mainly started because of lack ... DOWNLOAD
tel-dictionary(sfnet) English to Telugu Dictionary An online interface to English-Telugu Dictionar... DOWNLOAD
sqladminmod(sfnet) sqlAdminMod (codename SAM) SAM, or sqlAdminMod, is a program written in PH... DOWNLOAD
auditisx(sfnet) AuditISX AuditISX is Win32 based auditing software that ... DOWNLOAD
pictionator(sfnet) Pictonator This is a very low footprint but high feature P... DOWNLOAD
kmatrix3d(sfnet) KMatrix3D Screen Saver This is a Matrix alike 3D OpenGL screen saver f... DOWNLOAD
hamming(sfnet) hamming coding(hamming kodlaması) It is useful to understand how hamming coding r... DOWNLOAD
moegallery(sfnet) MoeGallery MoeGallery is a PHP/MySQL based software for so... DOWNLOAD
fdeditw32(sfnet) FreeDos Edit for Win32 systems This is the port of FreeDos Edit for Win32 base... DOWNLOAD
orbaosp(sfnet) Advanced Orbiter Scenario Parser The project is to create a powerful and reliab... DOWNLOAD
winscreenlocker(sfnet) Windows Screen Locker Screen Locker Description: Screen Locker is a s... DOWNLOAD
cvs-ext(sfnet) CVS Shell Extension This Shell Extension integrates the CVS version... DOWNLOAD
swishplusplus(sfnet) SWISH++ SWISH++ is a Unix-based file indexing and searc... DOWNLOAD
regexex(sfnet) RegeXeX RegeXeX: An Interactive System Providing Regula... DOWNLOAD
facturascripts(sfnet) facturaSCRIPTS Fast and modular web based ERP+CRM for SMEs, wi... DOWNLOAD
jarsearchtool(sfnet) jarsearchtool Software to search in directories or jar / zip ... DOWNLOAD
gtmscripter(sfnet) GTMScripter GTMScripter exposes the APIs of GTMLib and TSou... DOWNLOAD
bitcoop(sfnet) BitCoop Bitcoop is a Peer to Peer backup system enablin... DOWNLOAD
yadbd(sfnet) YAD_Designer Yet Another Database Designer - the goal of the... DOWNLOAD

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