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ignotifier(sfnet) Gmail Notifier Gmail Notifier (restartless) is an open-source ... DOWNLOAD
qvpdf(sfnet) qvPDF qvPDF is a PDF creator for Windows. It's implem... DOWNLOAD
leaktrack(sfnet) LeakTrack LeakTrack provides memory leak tracking and out... DOWNLOAD
geany(sfnet) Geany Geany is a small and lightweight integrated dev... DOWNLOAD
akarru(sfnet) Akarru Social BookMarking Engine Akarru is a social bookmarking engine, is used ... DOWNLOAD
yahtzee-mega(sfnet) Yahtzee(Mega) Yahtzee, Kniffel, DiceLion scripted in Autoit (... DOWNLOAD
rtl8186(sfnet) rtl8186 Alternative firmware and software with open sou... DOWNLOAD
spidersolitaire(sfnet) Spider Solitaire DS Spider Solitaire DS; The classic single player ... DOWNLOAD
semperkit(sfnet) SemPerKit SemPerKit - Semantic Personal Web Site Starter ... DOWNLOAD
javuwings(sfnet) Javu WingS Javu WingS - Lightweight Java Component Set ---... DOWNLOAD
sniper(sfnet) Sniper - Keylogger ActiveX Control Sniper is a powerful keylogger component that c... DOWNLOAD
jtrana(sfnet) jTrana Jtrana is a Java-based NS-2 wireless simulation... DOWNLOAD
python-mms(sfnet) python-mms Python Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) libra... DOWNLOAD
earnware-data(sfnet) Earnware Data Client utilities for the Earnware Services Plat... DOWNLOAD
addheadertocs(sfnet) Add Header To CS AddHeaderToCS is a command line tool, that adds... DOWNLOAD
tinycomment(sfnet) tinycomment Build a small thing's comment system DOWNLOAD
lgtmate(sfnet) LGTmate LGTmate is a simple and powerful bioinformatic ... DOWNLOAD
versussnp(sfnet) versusSNP The program versusSNP is a flexible tool for mi... DOWNLOAD
caravandroid(sfnet) caravANDroid A free open source porting to Android of the ca... DOWNLOAD
sqlalphp(sfnet) SQL_AL.PHP SQL_AL.PHP™ is a PHP library providin... DOWNLOAD
nuboard(sfnet) nuBoard nuBoard is a very modular PHP Forum which can b... DOWNLOAD
vfstreams(sfnet) vfStream - software streaming library C library to quickly implement streaming commun... DOWNLOAD
phptimesheet(sfnet) phpTimeSheet - timetracking organizer Timesheet / Timetracking organizer/scheduler us... DOWNLOAD
phptrackmeetreg(sfnet) PHP Track Meet Registration Allows teams to register their athletes for a t... DOWNLOAD
web-meetme(sfnet) Web-MeetMe Web-MeetMe is a suite of PHP pages to allow for... DOWNLOAD
jsonlib(sfnet) JSONLIB JSON handling library for .NET, simpler than ev... DOWNLOAD
dvdvault(sfnet) DVD-Vault DVD-Vault turns a SCSI Medium Changer-based DVD... DOWNLOAD
opensef(sfnet) OpenSEF for Joomla OpenSEF is an open source advanced SEF componen... DOWNLOAD
ls-cms(sfnet) Liquid-Silver CMS Liquid-Silver CMS is a content management syste... DOWNLOAD
logicaleval(sfnet) logicaleval Simple logical formula editor and evaluator. Yo... DOWNLOAD
mvc-mobile(sfnet) MVC mobile Simple and small Model-View-Controller mini-fra... DOWNLOAD
forkbeard(sfnet) Forkbeard Forkbeard is Bluetooth™ tools for Windows envir... DOWNLOAD
xplane-tools(sfnet) X-Plane Tools This projects will implement some tools to crea... DOWNLOAD
enide(sfnet) Enide Enide IDEs, Enide MondoDB DOWNLOAD
omegaengine(sfnet) Omega Engine The Omega Engine is an Open Source PHP Framewor... DOWNLOAD
kbpublisher(sfnet) KnowledgebasePublisher KnowledgebasePublisher is a knowledgebase softw... DOWNLOAD
osage(sfnet) Osage - Persistence Plus XML JDBC-based Object-Relational mapping system. I... DOWNLOAD
mpls-agent(sfnet) A SNMP agent for MPLS for Linux A SNMP agent for management of MPLS for Linux s... DOWNLOAD
remotefinder(sfnet) RemoteFinder RemoteFinder is a graphical SCP program for Mac... DOWNLOAD
pdfapi2(sfnet) PDF::API2 PDF::API2 is 'The Next Generation' of Text::PDF... DOWNLOAD
pvault(sfnet) PhotoVault image organizer Photovault is an photo archiving/organization s... DOWNLOAD
cm-etf(sfnet) cm-etf CM-ETF is an extension to the Common Music comp... DOWNLOAD
gizmo-tools(sfnet) Gizmo Server Status Scripts A collection of scripts that can be used to col... DOWNLOAD
crpcapacity(sfnet) CRP - Capacity Requirement Planning The CRP-Capacity Requirement Planning, shortly ... DOWNLOAD
mutis(sfnet) Mutis Full Text Search Engine Mutis is a Delphi port of the Lucene Search Eng... DOWNLOAD
casclient(sfnet) Soulwing CAS Client A client-side implementation of the Central Aut... DOWNLOAD
ps3mediaserver(sfnet) PS3 Media Server PS3 Media Server is a DLNA-compliant UPnP Media... DOWNLOAD
cyrillic-modern(sfnet) cyrillic-modern The Cyrillic Modern fonts are based on the Comp... DOWNLOAD
jstatcom(sfnet) jstatcom JStatCom is a software framework that facilitat... DOWNLOAD
jswiki(sfnet) JsWiki A WikiWiki clone implemented in ASP with JavaSc... DOWNLOAD
markovski(sfnet) Markov Algorithm Language Interpreter The Markovski project implements an interpreter... DOWNLOAD
frsb(sfnet) frsb hardcore blogging :) frsb = flexible, really si... DOWNLOAD
phpclick(sfnet) phpClick phpClick is a web-based web application develop... DOWNLOAD
powert2s(sfnet) Traditional Chinese To Simple Chinese Convert Chinese Simplified(GB2312) to Chinese T... DOWNLOAD
denaro(sfnet) denaro : simple personal accounting A simple personal financial accounting / budget... DOWNLOAD
cmath(sfnet) Mathematics Libraries Tools/libraries: analytical and numerical mathe... DOWNLOAD
hkontrol(sfnet) HKontrol HKontrol simplifies the operation of harman kar... DOWNLOAD
portsnotifier(sfnet) Ports Notifier PortsNotifier is a notifier for macports DOWNLOAD
sharpshape(sfnet) SharpShape Source code in C# for wrapper classes for Shape... DOWNLOAD
tempcontroller(sfnet) Temperature/Spectrum Acquisition Control A system for temperature and spectrum acquisiti... DOWNLOAD
xll4j(sfnet) ExcelAddin4J XLL4J is a framework for developing excel addin... DOWNLOAD
softwaredeanoma(sfnet) Software de análise e seq genético Identifica anomalias no genoma humano, como tro... DOWNLOAD
jclaim(sfnet) JClaim Java Instant Message (IM) Library, Client and T... DOWNLOAD
officespot-cs(sfnet) OfficeSpot.Net Collaboration Server The OfficeSpot.Net Collaboration Server contain... DOWNLOAD
reservesport(sfnet) ReserveSport ReserveSport online athletic court reservation ... DOWNLOAD
dotnetunit(sfnet) .NETUnit An implementation of Kent Beck's famous XUnit t... DOWNLOAD
openology(sfnet) Openology PHP Application Integration Openology's goal is to provide a way to integra... DOWNLOAD
ani(sfnet) ANI - Automated Network Installations ANI provides a fully automated, unattended setu... DOWNLOAD
nco(sfnet) NCO netCDF Operators The netCDF Operators, or NCO, are a suite of fi... DOWNLOAD
chlorineboards(sfnet) Chlorine Boards Chlorine Boards is a module oriented website sy... DOWNLOAD
crisoftricette(sfnet) CrisoftRicette Crisoftricette is a PHP application to store a ... DOWNLOAD
smbnetfs(sfnet) SMBNetFS SMBNetFS is a Linux/FreeBSD filesystem that all... DOWNLOAD
fepy(sfnet) FePy FePy project aims to provide enhancements and a... DOWNLOAD
lanq(sfnet) LanQ Quantum Programming Language LanQ is a research project in the field of quan... DOWNLOAD
coactivationmap(sfnet) CoactivationMap CoactivationMap is a graphic user interface to ... DOWNLOAD
zimbraevo(sfnet) ZCS Evolution Connector Zimbra Collaboration Suite Evolution Connector.... DOWNLOAD
patchgenerator(sfnet) Patch Generator Easy tool for generating patches for your appli... DOWNLOAD
nanocap(sfnet) NanoCap NanoCap is a generic application for the constr... DOWNLOAD
modelj(sfnet) ModelJ - Generate J2EE-Based Web Sites ModelJ is a RAD (Rapid Application Development)... DOWNLOAD
palmwac(sfnet) PalmWac PalmWac is PalmOS software which will turn your... DOWNLOAD
nmdepend(sfnet) Nmdepend Nmdepend is a lightweight 'link-time' dependenc... DOWNLOAD
keytouch(sfnet) keyTouch KeyTouch makes it possible to easily configure ... DOWNLOAD
swaret(sfnet) SWareT SWareT lets you keep your Slackware system up t... DOWNLOAD
visualos(sfnet) VisualOS VisualOS is an educational visual simulator of ... DOWNLOAD
bbcalculators(sfnet) bbCalc This project provides free browser-based calcul... DOWNLOAD
cosea(sfnet) CoSea Cosea: the project about studying the supportin... DOWNLOAD
mac-on-linux(sfnet) Mac-On-Linux Mac-on-Linux is a Linux/PPC program that virtua... DOWNLOAD
inavier(sfnet) iNavier iNavier is a Navier Stokes equation solver. It ... DOWNLOAD
dcsim(sfnet) DCSim - digital circuit simulator Digital circuit simulator DOWNLOAD
zadolbator(sfnet) zadolbator Fed up forgetting birthdays of your firends / r... DOWNLOAD
osacbmtestbench(sfnet) OSA-CBM Test Bench The OSA-CBM test bench is a simple user interfa... DOWNLOAD
php-calendar(sfnet) PHP-Calendar PHP-Calendar is a simple web-based calendar. It... DOWNLOAD
gavrog(sfnet) gavrog This project has moved. Please follow the WWW l... DOWNLOAD
gps04(sfnet) GPS04 Desktop companion to the Zoom(TM) PS-04 Palmtop... DOWNLOAD
moxy(sfnet) Moxy Mail Proxy Moxy is a transparent mail proxy. With Moxy, ma... DOWNLOAD
zentrackxoops(sfnet) zenTrackXoops zenTrack is a very successful and high quality ... DOWNLOAD
carbonado(sfnet) Carbonado Moved to GitHub: DOWNLOAD
emuleupdate(sfnet) eMuleUpdate eMuleUpdate is a toolkit which allows you updat... DOWNLOAD
preccx(sfnet) preccx higher order compiler compiler PRECCX is an infinite-lookahead higher-order co... DOWNLOAD
xml-bare(sfnet) Bare XML XML::Bare - Minimal Perl XML parser implemented... DOWNLOAD

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