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libani(sfnet) LibAni LibAni is a C/C++ library for creating animatio... DOWNLOAD
barduke(sfnet) BarRoom Jukebox This is not another mp3player/organiser. This ... DOWNLOAD
fixvirii(sfnet) Various Virus Removal tools. Current tools include, fixblaster, fixswen, and... DOWNLOAD
artefetcher(sfnet) Arte Fetcher This application will list the videos available... DOWNLOAD
securito(sfnet) SecuritO SecuritO is a freely available Open Source tool... DOWNLOAD
gnox-rpg(sfnet) GNOX - Game NO X RPG with tile-based graphics, isometric viewpoi... DOWNLOAD
phpruslib(sfnet) phpruslib PHP library with Russian language specific func... DOWNLOAD
mosaik(sfnet) Mosaik (image mosaic creator) Mosaik creates images similar to the popular ph... DOWNLOAD
ctorrent(sfnet) CTorrent CTorrent is a BitTorrent Client program written... DOWNLOAD
talkez(sfnet) talkez Internet softphone - H323/SIP dialers and video... DOWNLOAD
logq(sfnet) LogQ - Syslog Query Logq - (Syslog Query) is a Syslog reader made w... DOWNLOAD
rollator(sfnet) Rollator Content Management System Rollator is a content management system written... DOWNLOAD
klementine(sfnet) Klementine Java utility for remote mail retrieval, filteri... DOWNLOAD
openhome(sfnet) OpenHome An Open Source Home Automation System DOWNLOAD
xsong(sfnet) XSong XSong represents the song (Lyrics, chords, info... DOWNLOAD
grotg(sfnet) GrotG Bash shell script that will monitor an interfac... DOWNLOAD
ilwcid(sfnet) CID CID is a client information database for Laser ... DOWNLOAD
sbcd(sfnet) sbcd Curses CD player with an interface based on tha... DOWNLOAD
koptioncalc(sfnet) KOptionCalculator KOptionCalculator is a simple KDE-based applica... DOWNLOAD
cdepend(sfnet) cdepend cdepend is a tool for finding unused functions ... DOWNLOAD
dic(sfnet) simple DIsk Catalogizer dic is a simple, console-based disk catalogizer... DOWNLOAD
fcof(sfnet) Flashcards of Fury Flashcards of Fury is a flashcard review progra... DOWNLOAD
j-cpp(sfnet) Interpreter of C++ in JAVA language Interpreter of C++ in JAVA language (1.4.2) DOWNLOAD
jpetaller(sfnet) JPetaller, petal file processor 100% java. Platform Indipendent. Using this jav... DOWNLOAD
nextgencms(sfnet) NextGenCMS Next Gen CMS is an advanced collection of tools... DOWNLOAD
pn-formexpress(sfnet) PostNuke FormExpress Module PostNuke Module, Form Express. Orignally by Phi... DOWNLOAD
atlantisgame(sfnet) Project Atlantis This project intends to develop an open-source ... DOWNLOAD
vncviewer(sfnet) VNCViewer VNCViewer is a Cocoa-based VNC client for Mac O... DOWNLOAD
komport(sfnet) Komport Serial port communications and vt102 terminal e... DOWNLOAD
associated(sfnet) AssoCIateD AssoCIateD (ACID) is a simple PHP CMS which was... DOWNLOAD
qweeerty(sfnet) qweeerty QWERTY: Renamer removes the unnecessary charact... DOWNLOAD
securize(sfnet) Securize! Open En/decryption software. Current version al... DOWNLOAD
salesforge(sfnet) salesforge Salesforge is a community project committed to ... DOWNLOAD
warwickmaze(sfnet) Warwick Maze Courseware Warwick Maze Courseware DOWNLOAD
iconip(sfnet) IconIP IconIP assists in the remote control and monito... DOWNLOAD
livingstone(sfnet) Project Livingstone Project Livingstone (File manager in Java) DOWNLOAD
jmedialibrary(sfnet) JMediaLibrary The JMediaLibrary project aims to be a comprehe... DOWNLOAD
rlabels(sfnet) Eclipse Resource Labels plugin provides additional resource labels for ... DOWNLOAD
sksync(sfnet) SKSync Outlook synchronization software for the T-Mobi... DOWNLOAD
cac-tool(sfnet) CAC The CAC (Content Accessibility Check) is a Java... DOWNLOAD
tdpteam(sfnet) The Dead Productivity Group It`s site for projects from tdp and our friends. DOWNLOAD
perlemwin(sfnet) perlEMWIN A PERL client to the National Weather Service E... DOWNLOAD
yacvsacl(sfnet) yacvsacl Yet another ACL for CVS DOWNLOAD
g-mud(sfnet) GMUD A Visual Basic, Telnet MUD (Multi-User-Dungeon)... DOWNLOAD
pwbackup(sfnet) PhpWikiBackup PhpWikiBackup is a simple script for PhpWiki us... DOWNLOAD
jmigrator(sfnet) JMigratorPlugin JMigrator is a set of Eclipse plugins supportin... DOWNLOAD
temple-ib(sfnet) Temple IRC Infobot Temple is an SQL-backed IRC infobot written for... DOWNLOAD
html-gen(sfnet) HTML Skel-Gen HTML Skeleton creator. Using Python, and possib... DOWNLOAD
w3mon(sfnet) W3Mon - the WWW Monitor W3mon is a tool that can be used to monitor a s... DOWNLOAD
mmconv(sfnet) Mole Mass Converter Console program solves for masses of ingredient... DOWNLOAD
lpp-ext(sfnet) L++ Lightweight ++ (L++) is an IRC bot for the P10 ... DOWNLOAD
customsrpg(sfnet) Custom Strategy Role Playing Game Two players confront two parties of characters ... DOWNLOAD
libkext(sfnet) libkext - kdelibs extensions A extension to the given KDELIBS. Nice GUIs and... DOWNLOAD
lbaprojects(sfnet) LBAprojects This is a set of open source projects that inte... DOWNLOAD
m3u-manager(sfnet) M3U Playlist Managment M3U-Playlist-Manager: Administration of loose m... DOWNLOAD
jccpl(sfnet) Java CC Payment Library Authorize.Net Payment Gateway Java Class. A ge... DOWNLOAD
ronolinux(sfnet) ronolinux Set of custom Debian-based Linux Builds, focuse... DOWNLOAD
docsoapxdk(sfnet) DocSOAP XDK The DocSOAP XML Development Kit (XDK) is a Java... DOWNLOAD
jarmonkey(sfnet) jarmonkey A Java based front-end GUI for jar with a user ... DOWNLOAD
as2lib(sfnet) as2lib The as2lib is an opensource framework targeted ... DOWNLOAD
abcrypt(sfnet) ABCrypt A C++/Qt program for use in encrypting and decr... DOWNLOAD
matex(sfnet) Matex- symbolic math interpreter <p>Matex is the first opensource modul th... DOWNLOAD
gamp(sfnet) Gnome AMP Gamp is a clean/simple audio player for Gnome. ... DOWNLOAD
nipbot(sfnet) nipbot shell IRC client for Linux, FreeBSD, OSX, inclu... DOWNLOAD
mstruts(sfnet) MStruts MStruts - Modified Struts - is a framework for ... DOWNLOAD
chicabyte(sfnet) Chicabyte! WAP Suite Chicabyte! Wap Suite is intended to be an Open ... DOWNLOAD
ympyris(sfnet) Ympyris A game about navigating falling blocks in a cir... DOWNLOAD
thundernote(sfnet) ThunderNote ThunderNote let you write and manage your daily... DOWNLOAD
cushaw3(sfnet) CUSHAW3: Accurate Short-read Alignment CUSHAW3 is an open-source parallelized, sensiti... DOWNLOAD
xslt-selfdoc(sfnet) XSL Transform Self-Documentation The project defined an XML format for documenti... DOWNLOAD
xhelix(sfnet) xhelix encryption/authentication module xhelix: python C extension implementing Helix e... DOWNLOAD
papillon(sfnet) papillon Papillon is a visual designer for Fourfive Web ... DOWNLOAD
xdcc-search(sfnet) XDCC Search XDCC Search alows you to quickly search IRC lis... DOWNLOAD
secwatch(sfnet) secwatch IDS Secwatch is an intrusion detection system using... DOWNLOAD
fixedpointlibra(sfnet) FixedPoint library Found various fixed point and integer in C#; wo... DOWNLOAD
tc-exec(sfnet) TC Executer This application can launch Total Commander wit... DOWNLOAD
edu-ir(sfnet) UT Educational IR Package This code supplies miniature pedagogical Java i... DOWNLOAD
openemcee(sfnet) OpenEmcee Microflow Engine for Java The OpenEmcee Microflow engine is a Java framew... DOWNLOAD
codpad(sfnet) Codpad IDE for C/C++ Complete IDE for the free Borland C/C++ 5.5 com... DOWNLOAD
themekit(sfnet) ThemeKit Common reference framework for themes on Mac OS X. DOWNLOAD
libdata(sfnet) LibData LibData is an open source (GPL) web delivered d... DOWNLOAD
timedshutdown(sfnet) Timed Shutdown Ever wanted to shut your Windows down at a cert... DOWNLOAD
mpigalib(sfnet) MPIGALib MPIGALib is a parallel genetic algorithms libra... DOWNLOAD
bfserverstats(sfnet) bfserverstats A Web-Frontend to view live stats of Battlefiel... DOWNLOAD
vbox3web(sfnet) vbox3web vbox3web is a Perl Web Frontend with Multi-Lang... DOWNLOAD
uptodater(sfnet) UpToDater UpToDater allows teams to easily manage the mig... DOWNLOAD
snippet(sfnet) Java Snippets Scripts and data to display snippets on your sc... DOWNLOAD
joesnmp(sfnet) joeSNMP joeSNMP is an open-source Java SNMP class libra... DOWNLOAD
phpemailer(sfnet) PHPEmailer a public email form writen in php with template... DOWNLOAD
jchatplus(sfnet) Java IRC (possible codename: jchat++) This is an open source IRC client written in java. DOWNLOAD
dspack(sfnet) DSPack DSPack is a set of Components and class to writ... DOWNLOAD
lucane(sfnet) Lucane Groupware Lucane is a free groupware platform written in ... DOWNLOAD
template-menu(sfnet) Template Menu For Emacs template-menu is an Emacs package that adds an ... DOWNLOAD
virtualife(sfnet) VirtuaLife - Coders VChat is the IRC Daemon used by VirtuaLife DOWNLOAD
cfmanual(sfnet) CFM Manual Cold Fusion CHM (Compiled HTML) manual, same as... DOWNLOAD
ibquota(sfnet) IBQUOTA DOWNLOAD
autocrc(sfnet) autocrc autocrc uses 32-bit CRC-sums to verify the inte... DOWNLOAD
experimentalerp(sfnet) Experimental ERP It consist of 4 web-apps of the same business l... DOWNLOAD
beholder(sfnet) Beholder IDS The subject of this project is development of t... DOWNLOAD
slbd(sfnet) Server Load Balancing with OpenBSD PF Server load-balancing software for the OpenBSD ... DOWNLOAD

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