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gracesc(sfnet) Grace Support Class for C++ These are simple helper classes for using the G... DOWNLOAD
infoweb(sfnet) InfoWeb InfoWeb is a web based tool for handling public... DOWNLOAD
phpwirelessmap(sfnet) PhpWirelessMap PhpWirelessMap is a free dynamic map system for... DOWNLOAD
gp2nix(sfnet) GP2niX GP2niX is a project designed to give developers... DOWNLOAD
blapp(sfnet) Blapp, a Mac OS X Blosxom Weblog Editor A blosxom weblog editor for Mac OS X, Blapp str... DOWNLOAD
manoview(sfnet) manoview Neues Update: Sprache in deutsch und englisch ... DOWNLOAD
eggtcls(sfnet) EggdropTCL Collection of Eggdrop TCL scripts ( serviceshel... DOWNLOAD
digitalorigami(sfnet) Digital Origami Bezier patch modeler for real-time graphics app... DOWNLOAD
sqldeveloper(sfnet) SQL Developer Database explorer for acquiring high-detailed d... DOWNLOAD
tux-perl(sfnet) tux_perl A mod_perl like perl interpreter for Tux(Linux ... DOWNLOAD
cocoakb(sfnet) Banana Banana is knowledge base for Cocoa developers o... DOWNLOAD
opengameconsole(sfnet) Game Console for OpenGL You have seen games like quake or halflife, and... DOWNLOAD
reo(sfnet) Reo Reo is a transparent object-relational mapper. ... DOWNLOAD
wavemaker(sfnet) wave maker Wave Maker is a cell based sound synthesiser. I... DOWNLOAD
rssh(sfnet) rssh rssh is a restricted shell for use with OpenSSH... DOWNLOAD
vocx(sfnet) VocableTrainerX VocableTrainerX is primarily intended for study... DOWNLOAD
e2exam(sfnet) E2Exam: LAMP for the Education Free Testing program accessible via web browser... DOWNLOAD
vw-tinycalc(sfnet) VW REALLY tiny calculator An open source minimal calculator, it is design... DOWNLOAD
ematservices(sfnet) eMATgine services The eMATgine services are web services to be us... DOWNLOAD
spice(sfnet) Spice Spice has migrated to - Plea... DOWNLOAD
hnclient(sfnet) HammerNode Client.NET A free implementation of a client for the Hamme... DOWNLOAD
sarangworldmap(sfnet) Sarang's zooming/panning world map Panning/zooming world map that semi-efficiently... DOWNLOAD
bsnoop(sfnet) Berkley snoop protocol module for linux Berkley Snoop protocol module for Linux. Purpos... DOWNLOAD
java30boxesapi(sfnet) 30 Boxes API Java Library Java library implementation of the 30 Boxes (ht... DOWNLOAD
zmx(sfnet) ZMX Framework ZMX is a full set of Actionscript classes that ... DOWNLOAD
w3replays(sfnet) MyW3Replays This PHP script makes it very easy to provide y... DOWNLOAD
mailrunner(sfnet) MailRunner MailRunner is a Java/Swing based email response... DOWNLOAD
usbextension(sfnet) USB Extension Software for the placement of removable devices... DOWNLOAD
icq2html(sfnet) ICQ Log 2 HTML ICQ2HTML converts plaintext chatlogs from expor... DOWNLOAD
phpico(sfnet) PHPico Web Server A really small web server written in PHP, which... DOWNLOAD
autoserv(sfnet) Autoserv flexible automation Autoserv provides flexible automation, includin... DOWNLOAD
time-machine(sfnet) TimeMachine TimeMachine is a DirectShow filter that he... DOWNLOAD
dyndaemon(sfnet) dyndaemon dyndaemon runs from command line or cron, takes... DOWNLOAD
histo(sfnet) Histo Histo produces histograms from the unix command... DOWNLOAD
httlcseifspa(sfnet) HTTLCS - Eiffel Spanish Version Spanish translation and Eiffel adaption of the ... DOWNLOAD
tkoutliner(sfnet) tkOutliner Little outlining program developed in Tcl/Tk an... DOWNLOAD
holidaycalc(sfnet) HolidayCalc Multilanguage calculator for movable holidays (... DOWNLOAD
pydbdesigner(sfnet) PyDBDesigner Entity-relation (ERW) database modeling tool fo... DOWNLOAD
ethermux(sfnet) Ethermux Ethermux is a client-server implimentation of a... DOWNLOAD
mpb(sfnet) MP3 Burning Preparer (mbp) mbp reads mp3 files from a directory, sorts the... DOWNLOAD
jabbee(sfnet) Jabbee - Jabber Configuration Tool Jabbee is a small configuration utility for Jab... DOWNLOAD
canopen(sfnet) CANopen opensource central CANopen opensource Central is a placeholder. Pl... DOWNLOAD
panzers(sfnet) Panzers Panzers is a multiplayer 3D game where players ... DOWNLOAD
edi(sfnet) An Interactive Editor for LINUX. This is an interactive editor for linux console... DOWNLOAD
zarlo(sfnet) Zarlo Zarlo is a open-source, platform independent, o... DOWNLOAD
simyugioh(sfnet) Sim-YuGiOh Welcome to Sim-YuGiOh where we stride to provid... DOWNLOAD
blackdragon(sfnet) Black Dragon DOWNLOAD
javapas(sfnet) Pascal Interpreter in Java Simple Pascal interpreter written in Java, whic... DOWNLOAD
xmldtf(sfnet) XMLDTF The XMLDTF project seeks to convert delimited t... DOWNLOAD
strongroom(sfnet) Strongroom - Document Management System Strongroom is a completely modular, extensible ... DOWNLOAD
pudge(sfnet) Pudge's Projects Various open source projects of pudge's that do... DOWNLOAD
donkeynanny(sfnet) DonkeyNanny This program allow you to make reports of P2P d... DOWNLOAD
ruby-journal(sfnet) Ruby Photo Journal Online photo album written in Ruby. Catalogues... DOWNLOAD
attachment-doc(sfnet) attachment_doc attachment_doc is a SquirrelMail plugin that al... DOWNLOAD
mytodos(sfnet) myTodos a multiuser web based todo-list manager to regi... DOWNLOAD
fork(sfnet) Fork Put a command in the background without message... DOWNLOAD
prahn(sfnet) Project PRAHN PRAHN is an interpreted scripting language whic... DOWNLOAD
verman(sfnet) Version Management (VERMAN) This project has two major goals: 1) Develop an... DOWNLOAD
tuna(sfnet) Tuna Remakes Tunez Tuna is essentially a remake of tunez. Purpose ... DOWNLOAD
pocketwarrior(sfnet) PocketWarrior PocketPC WiFi Survey tool PocketPC WiFi 802.11b Prism wardriving tool DOWNLOAD
net--send(sfnet) Net Send Send messages using this program in windows usi... DOWNLOAD
avx(sfnet) Applications via XML The concept behind the 'Applications via XML' (... DOWNLOAD
vsound(sfnet) Virtual Sound: Audio Synthesis Tools Engine for unlimited effects and modulation for... DOWNLOAD
wsfuzzer(sfnet) WSFuzzer WSFuzzer is a fuzzing penetration testing tool ... DOWNLOAD
logspy(sfnet) LogSpy Track failed login attempts with LogSpy. Perfo... DOWNLOAD
iceboxforums(sfnet) ibForums Thoroughbred A theme-based ASP forum package with support fo... DOWNLOAD
kickstand(sfnet) KickStand A Java toolkit for interacting with a T-Mobile ... DOWNLOAD
qbasic(sfnet) QBasic Development Welcome to the QBasic Development project. DOWNLOAD
caves(sfnet) The Caves The Caves is a 3D Online Role Playing Game deve... DOWNLOAD
logiclic(sfnet) SweetHome A solution for Home automation, with HTTP acces... DOWNLOAD
zzoss(sfnet) ZZ/OSS All ZZ/OSS packages, used by <a href="h... DOWNLOAD
onlinedp(sfnet) Online Diplomacy An online form of diplomacy that emphasizes the... DOWNLOAD
netron(sfnet) The Netron Project The Netron Project DOWNLOAD
zeecookbook(sfnet) Zee Cookbook Zee Cookbook is a cookbook application for Zaur... DOWNLOAD
xfurc(sfnet) XFurc XFurc, is a open source project to port the Fur... DOWNLOAD
detectbrowser(sfnet) DetectBrowser - perl module DetectBrowser is Perl module which detects user... DOWNLOAD
openspm(sfnet) Open SPM A general purpose methodology + library for exp...
pcsxosx(sfnet) PCSX - Playstation Emulator for OS X Mac OS X port of popular PSX emulator PCSX DOWNLOAD
opentor(sfnet) Opentor - agentless Monitoring System Opentor Monitor is a network and server monitor... DOWNLOAD
audiohyperlinks(sfnet) Audio Hyperlinks AudioWeb A program that experiments with audio links, ba... DOWNLOAD
interceptor(sfnet) Interceptor Interceptor - Mac OS X filesystem control. Inte... DOWNLOAD
jobpal(sfnet) JobPal JobPal is a tool that can be used as an aid in ... DOWNLOAD
rss-proxy(sfnet) RSS Proxy in Python RSS Proxy is software package written in Python... DOWNLOAD
slot(sfnet) Sensei's Library on Tour Sensei's Library on Tour (SLoT) is a handy Java... DOWNLOAD
bloxploitation(sfnet) Bloxploitation Bloxploitation allows you to analyze web traffi... DOWNLOAD
pybitop(sfnet) Python bitop library Bit operations on integers for Python - fast C ... DOWNLOAD
ethergrouik(sfnet) EtherGrouik Ethergrouik is a free network monitoring tool f... DOWNLOAD
urgnetwork(sfnet) URG Network This project introduces sample programs of the ... DOWNLOAD
eprint(sfnet) ePrint (Impresión de Credenciales/Cards ePrint, Software de impresión de credenciales (... DOWNLOAD
b3bib(sfnet) B3 (B3 is a Bibliography Base manager) B3 is a XML-based Bibliography Base Manager wri... DOWNLOAD
csshell(sfnet) C#Shell A C# interactive interpreter. The majority of t... DOWNLOAD
lanslim(sfnet) lanslim Lanslim (Local Area Network Server Less Instant... DOWNLOAD
openbravo(sfnet) openbravo Openbravo 3, the agile ERP, is a modular, ready... DOWNLOAD
lppf(sfnet) Linux PPF Patcher lppf is an application for handling PPF patches... DOWNLOAD
dotter(sfnet) Dotter A tiny arcade-ish game, like a simplified gravi... DOWNLOAD
abstractmodeler(sfnet) Java Abstract Modeler Swing-based abstract frame or applet for visual... DOWNLOAD
becia(sfnet) Becia Becia script is the easiest way to manage your ... DOWNLOAD
phppcontainer(sfnet) PHP Portlet Container PHP Portlet Container is a portlet application ... DOWNLOAD
monopas(sfnet) monoPAS monoPAS is a C# to octave bridge. Octave is a M... DOWNLOAD
gnomesshman(sfnet) Gnome-Sshman Gnome-sshman is an SSH session manager for GNOM... DOWNLOAD

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