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scriptoe(sfnet) ScriptOE ScriptOE is an operating environment for script... DOWNLOAD
geccnuke(sfnet) geccnuke geccnuke is a weblog/portal written in php and ... DOWNLOAD
roundup(sfnet) Roundup Issue Tracker Roundup is a simple-to-use and -install issue-t... DOWNLOAD
swengmiskolc(sfnet) swengmiskolc We make a program planning documentation for de... DOWNLOAD
filerover(sfnet) filerover Remote file viewer implemented in python as a u... DOWNLOAD
streeme(sfnet) streeme Streeme Home Server is a VMWare sandboxed versi... DOWNLOAD
irecover(sfnet) iRecover - File Recovery Tool iRecover was developed to aid forensics investi... DOWNLOAD
expandy(sfnet) Expandy Expandy allows full control of the Gnome deskto... DOWNLOAD
paulstetrisseminar(sfnet) Paul's Tetris Seminar DOWNLOAD
pous(sfnet) pous This is a WEB3.0 tentative plan product, the na... DOWNLOAD
p-s-i(sfnet) PSI PSI stands for Prototype-Simulate-Interact. Its... DOWNLOAD
archivetool(sfnet) DART Digital Archive and Retrieval Tool (DART) prese... DOWNLOAD
pdfocrwrapper(sfnet) PDF OCR Wrapper Note as of 2013-09-13: I'm moving this project ... DOWNLOAD
dsh(sfnet) dsh (the distributed shell) dsh is a program which runs a single command on... DOWNLOAD
myaccountstrack(sfnet) myaccountstrack A MySQL based utility to track and analyze bank... DOWNLOAD
nb2gopher(sfnet) nb2gopher Nb2Gopher converts NanoBlogger weblog entries i... DOWNLOAD
metamorphose(sfnet) Metamorphose Linux O Metamorphose é um sistema operacional baseado... DOWNLOAD
jabble-xmpp(sfnet) Jabble a C minimalist XMPP/Jabber client Jabble is a minimalist XMPP / Jabber instant me... DOWNLOAD
matriks(sfnet) matriks This is an application dealing with matrices(ma... DOWNLOAD
hdledit(sfnet) HdlEdit HdlEdit is a graphical design entry tool for VH... DOWNLOAD
plan6(sfnet) Six Year Plan for High School Students Plan6 is a web based tool for K12 school distri... DOWNLOAD
breeze-cms(sfnet) Breeze CMS - A PHP Content Manage System Breeze CMS Build with PHP+MySQL, an PHP Content... DOWNLOAD
dotmtr(sfnet) dotMTR dotMTR is an enhanced MTR (Matt's Traceroute / ... DOWNLOAD
jcgameoflife(sfnet) jcgameoflife John Conway's Game of Life http://en.wikipedia... DOWNLOAD
quadriga(sfnet) Quadriga Quadriga is a web-application that acts as a cl... DOWNLOAD
ballistica(sfnet) Ballistica This is an Open Source adaptation of the "... DOWNLOAD
ufopak(sfnet) Graphics Text editor for developers TrollEdit is an OpenSource project aimed on cre... DOWNLOAD
osdtwitter(sfnet) OSD Twitter Reads a twitter timeline and displays the headi... DOWNLOAD
xo-lite(sfnet) X-O lite This project provides a lightweight framework t... DOWNLOAD
abacustpp(sfnet) Abacus A tool for extracting and preprocessing spectra... DOWNLOAD
jq-calculator(sfnet) jq-calculator JQuery Calculator is a JQuery plugin that adds ... DOWNLOAD
componentpackex(sfnet) Component PackEx v 2.4 has chosen best components with miscellaneous r...
xmms-recorder(sfnet) XMMS Recorder XMMS Recorder is an XMMS input plugin that reco... DOWNLOAD
therapi-virtualbox(sfnet) Thera-Pi in Virtualbox Dies ist ein Inoffizielles Projekt, welches The... DOWNLOAD
minicms(sfnet) MiniCMS The MiniCMS project is a lightweight PHP Conten... DOWNLOAD
tflatbtn(sfnet) TFlatButton Implementation of flat buttons for text and ima... DOWNLOAD
tudien-online(sfnet) tudien-online a non-profit dictionary project for vietnamese DOWNLOAD
linuxlinq(sfnet) LinuxLinqUSB Linux driver for Direct Linq pc to pc USB cable... DOWNLOAD
webauthfw(sfnet) webauthfw This is a web automation framework containing m... DOWNLOAD
pimpftp(sfnet) PIMPFTP A ground up approach to an FTP-like distributed... DOWNLOAD
arss(sfnet) Analysis-Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph The Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrogra... DOWNLOAD
research-calc(sfnet) research-calc The Research Project Calculator allows students... DOWNLOAD
grtis(sfnet) grtis Grits (Generally Ridiculous In Terms of Scope) ... DOWNLOAD
alsedo-sd(sfnet) AktivHelp Support Desk AktivHelp Support Desk System is a web-based he... DOWNLOAD
cfa(sfnet) Compiere Fixed Assets Compiere Fixed Assets System is a seamless exte... DOWNLOAD
talkingdict(sfnet) talkingdict A software designed to enhance your English, Ko... DOWNLOAD
rhinolinuxkde(sfnet) RhinoLINUX KDE Edition RhinoLINUX KDE Edition is a member of the Rhino... DOWNLOAD
dthasos(sfnet) dthasos DTHAS , designed for the experiment of simulati... DOWNLOAD
ttt554(sfnet) ttt554 Tic Tac Toe 5x5x4 Project DOWNLOAD
l2donate(sfnet) l2donate Pradėta kurti maždaug prieš du metus, visą tą l... DOWNLOAD
alphagenesis(sfnet) AlphaGenesis The AlphaGenesis project aims to create both a ... DOWNLOAD
homemade(sfnet) Homemade Packet Constructor Homemade Packet Constructor is intended to be a... DOWNLOAD
tikitasks(sfnet) TikiTasks AJAX todo list and calendar system with social ... DOWNLOAD
vots(sfnet) Voice of the Outback Translator Software VOTS (Voice of the Outback Translation Software... DOWNLOAD
easytomcat(sfnet) EasyTomcat EasyTomcat supports you using Apache Tomcat and... DOWNLOAD
somomoto(sfnet) SOMOMOTO An Eclipse plug-in to monitor and act against t... DOWNLOAD
securitypasswor(sfnet) SecurityPassword Script for test security password. DOWNLOAD
doxen(sfnet) doxen Application to create PDF document on the fly f... DOWNLOAD
armoryinterface(sfnet) Armory Interface Armory Interface (short: ai) is a script to inc... DOWNLOAD
jmagallanes(sfnet) JMagallanes Olap and Report JMagallanes is an open source end user applicat... DOWNLOAD
speedsircapi(sfnet) Speed's IRC API A Java API for IRC development, especially made... DOWNLOAD
daybay(sfnet) DayBay IRC Services This set of irc services was based upon ircserv... DOWNLOAD
u-fingerprint(sfnet) Usplash Fingerprint Theme Experimental theme for Usplash boot splash mana... DOWNLOAD
pycontas(sfnet) pyContas O pyContas é um software que lhe ajudará a cont... DOWNLOAD
snarlwin(sfnet) Snarl Snarl is all about notifications. They can be ... DOWNLOAD
sharpbox(sfnet) sharpbox SharpBox implements the simplest .NET driven ap... DOWNLOAD
freegpib(sfnet) Free-GPIB This project is a simple USB-to-GBIB (IEEE488) ... DOWNLOAD
mocalc2012(sfnet) MoCalc2012 MoCalc2012 is a simple, efficient Graphical Use... DOWNLOAD
mypad(sfnet) MyPad MyPad is a simple lightweight editor for window... DOWNLOAD
jarrut(sfnet) jarrut Jarrut is a tool that makes developing and debu... DOWNLOAD
phpwebgallery(sfnet) PhpWebGallery Easy to install and manage online picture galle... DOWNLOAD
lasair2-com(sfnet) lasairII-com This library allows you to control a PMS (Parti... DOWNLOAD
rezml(sfnet) rezML XML DTD/XSLTs for Resumes & Jo A Lightweight XML DTD and Style-Sheets for the ... DOWNLOAD
rayiams(sfnet) Artifact management system An artifact management system. Support generati... DOWNLOAD
gngsms(sfnet) Give 'N Go SMS GnG-SmS facilitates rapid development of dynami... DOWNLOAD
voxelcoloring(sfnet) Voxel Coloring framework A framework for Voxel Coloring which is an algo... DOWNLOAD
cvsrootchanger(sfnet) cvs root replacer This program provides flexibility to the users ... DOWNLOAD
fcicumaze2(sfnet) FCI_CU.Maze2 A maze played on a map that consists of a numbe... DOWNLOAD
kryptonics(sfnet) Kryptonic Kryptonic is a little tool for creating small s... DOWNLOAD
onewaymail(sfnet) OneWayMail OneWayMail - a tool to create single use e-mail... DOWNLOAD
m3s(sfnet) M3S Multi Master and Multi Slave Protocol for RS485 DOWNLOAD
rados(sfnet) Red Alert The sequel to Command & Conquer Tiberian Da... DOWNLOAD
turbocgame(sfnet) BrickCracker ++ Using the simple line-graphics available in the... DOWNLOAD
ecommercemychat(sfnet) MyChat MyChat: A Small light chat for e-commerce websi... DOWNLOAD
cvsfs(sfnet) CVS virtual file system This provides a package which presents the CVS ... DOWNLOAD
contentment(sfnet) Contentment Content Management System Contentment is a content management system util... DOWNLOAD
wowheadtooltips(sfnet) wowheadtooltips A Wowhead tooltips BBCode parser for your forum... DOWNLOAD
skychess(sfnet) skychess A chess game for play with your partner in LAN.... DOWNLOAD
archstorage(sfnet) ArchStorage OAIS reference model implementation using EMC (... DOWNLOAD
asccms(sfnet) Simple ASC CMS Simple ASC CMS allow to create websites in minu... DOWNLOAD
evograph(sfnet) EVOGRAPH XBASIC development of ruleset based variation a... DOWNLOAD
sharkemu(sfnet) sharkemu Emulateur de Dofus 1.29.1 développé originellem... DOWNLOAD
astrosemarbeit(sfnet) ISTEMedia DOWNLOAD
ffarm(sfnet) Fish Farm A management game, does not look good at the mo... DOWNLOAD
bookmap(sfnet) bookmap A Topic Map-driven in-browser bookmark manageme... DOWNLOAD
freetds(sfnet) FreeTDS FreeTDS is a database communication library for... DOWNLOAD
solutionsicreat(sfnet) solutionsicreat Creative content management tool. Uses FCK edit... DOWNLOAD
metronote(sfnet) MetroNote Bellissimo programma utile per scrivere documen... DOWNLOAD
fastmapdotnet(sfnet) FastMapDotNet A new .Net version of an old FastMap program th... DOWNLOAD
motif(sfnet) Motif Motif is a freely available source code distrib... DOWNLOAD

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