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coctel(sfnet) coctel Coctel is a simple and powerfull tool to create... DOWNLOAD
delphi-dx9sdk(sfnet) Delphi DirectX 9.0 headers / SDK Delphi DirectX 9 SDK DOWNLOAD
mp-tvseries(sfnet) MediaPortal TVSeries Plugin Plugin to be used in MediaPortal, in order to s... DOWNLOAD
dxf(sfnet) DXF DXF Viewer and Editor (Lines- Arcs - Circles - ... DOWNLOAD
yaklg(sfnet) yaklg A little java game to memorize Katakana/Hiragan... DOWNLOAD
htc(sfnet) htc Hypertext Converter htc is a tool which lets you create your websit... DOWNLOAD
colladarefinery(sfnet) colladarefinery COLLADA Refinery is a GUI-based application for... DOWNLOAD
dragon(sfnet) dragon Implementation of a combined scanner and parser... DOWNLOAD
jssmartyparser(sfnet) Javascript-Smarty-Parser Javascript-based Parser for Smarty-templates. DOWNLOAD
jforge(sfnet) JForge Similar project like SourceForge with Java DOWNLOAD
xmnllib(sfnet) XmNllib Library of widgets for Motif/Lesstif. DOWNLOAD
fabmodela(sfnet) FabModela GUI for sending files to Roland modela milling ... DOWNLOAD
iliasadvevents(sfnet) ILIASAdvancedEventRaisingPatch This patch modifies ILIAS to support more event... DOWNLOAD
stdevcalc(sfnet) Standard Deviation Calculator A simple program that will calculate the standa... DOWNLOAD
hospitalmanage(sfnet) Hospital Management System This Hospital Inventory system manages patient ... DOWNLOAD
pdaxrom(sfnet) pdaXrom pdaXrom-ng is a build system for creating boota... DOWNLOAD
primerclique(sfnet) primerclique Generate sets of primer oligos which are cross-... DOWNLOAD
kafs(sfnet) kafs A simple KDE interface for managing the ACL of ... DOWNLOAD
bssh(sfnet) Backslash Shell This will be a shell like bash, or tcsh with so... DOWNLOAD
convexhull(sfnet) ConvexHull Console application with a Convex Hull algorith... DOWNLOAD
tabfu(sfnet) Tab Fu Tab Fu indexes, automatically updates, and sear... DOWNLOAD
tagajax(sfnet) Personal Tagboard Tagajax es un tagboard personalizado donde dest... DOWNLOAD
mcplot(sfnet) mcplot General purpose engineering/scientific plotting... DOWNLOAD
passwordlocker(sfnet) Password Locker Java application that encrypts passwords and da... DOWNLOAD
arcuus(sfnet) Teknologjia Informatike (IT) ne SHQIP Ky eshte nje projekt i HAPUR/FALAS per publikun... DOWNLOAD
anyfile2image(sfnet) AnyFile2Image This project is a Steganography software that a... DOWNLOAD
jmstats(sfnet) JMeter Results Analyser A web based application for collating, analysin... DOWNLOAD
anyexpress(sfnet) anyexpress cross-platform analysis of gene expression data DOWNLOAD
ntengine(sfnet) ntengine Project is hosted @ DOWNLOAD
securepoint(sfnet) OpenVPN Client Windows OpenVPN GUI for Windows. DOWNLOAD
spamsink(sfnet) spam sink spamsink is a fake (honey pot) SMTP server writ... DOWNLOAD
qstreamrippergf(sfnet) QStreamripperGFX A GUI to the streamriper application DOWNLOAD
xamppcs(sfnet) XAMPP CS XAMPP CS is a simple bash script for controllin... DOWNLOAD
tclsnippets(sfnet) tclsnippets Tcl/Tk Software Snippets DOWNLOAD
simulacion(sfnet) Simulación Simulación is a participatory simulation framew... DOWNLOAD
neocracy-online(sfnet) neocracy This Game is an free MMOG with Elements from th... DOWNLOAD
outclass(sfnet) OUTCLASS OUTCLASS is planned as a multiplayer 2D shooter... DOWNLOAD
intelligere(sfnet) Intelligere SCS Intelligere SCS is a collaboration system with ... DOWNLOAD
speed2fritz(sfnet) speed2fritz This project is a virtual machine with Ubuntu r... DOWNLOAD
jorgstardust(sfnet) jorgstardust Stardust is a game about jumping around and sho... DOWNLOAD
miniafinador(sfnet) miniafinador This is a java guitar tuner. Simple interface a... DOWNLOAD
octave(freshmeat) Octave Octave is a high-level language, primarily inte... DOWNLOAD
snappea(sfnet) SnapPea Packaging code for SnapPea, a program for creat... DOWNLOAD
amelia(sfnet) AMELIA The ATLAS Multimedia Educational Lab for Intera... DOWNLOAD
photocubes(sfnet) 3D Photo Cubes Using something I've made? DOWNLOAD
vnmik(sfnet) VnMiK VnMiK, Vietnamese distribution of MiKTeX DOWNLOAD
osgfield(sfnet) osgField NodeKit osgField is a NodeKit library which provides un... DOWNLOAD
pretools(sfnet) preTools Suite for Windows A set of command line tools for generating on-t... DOWNLOAD
spaghettilearn(sfnet) DoceboLMS, e-learning platform and SCORM DodeboLMS is an e-learning platform for distanc... DOWNLOAD
evilboard(sfnet) EvilBoard EvilBoard is a Powerfull Forum Software for peo... DOWNLOAD
bahasacms(sfnet) Bahasa CMS Modul Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) un... DOWNLOAD
modulipse(sfnet) Modulipse Modula-2 IDE based on Eclipse. DOWNLOAD
mu-shock(sfnet) mu-shock Mu Shock Season 5 - DOWNLOAD
gnunetpress(sfnet) GNet Server GNet Server - Network compression client/server... DOWNLOAD
spuc(sfnet) Signal Processing using C++ The objective of SPUC is to provide the Digital... DOWNLOAD
tagmylibrary(sfnet) tagmylibrary This is a pygtk program intended to make easier... DOWNLOAD
azultesting(sfnet) Azul e-Testing An online test management system for teachers. ... DOWNLOAD
cwtrainer(sfnet) CW Trainer Easy to use CW Trainer for Linux. Adaptable for... DOWNLOAD
sharpdrop(sfnet) SharpDrop IRC Bot SharpDrop is a C# Windows IRC Bot meant to moni... DOWNLOAD
imageweb(sfnet) imageweb The ImageWeb just like the Google AJAX Search A... DOWNLOAD
inetserv(sfnet) Inetserv socket library Library for asynchronous client/server socket h... DOWNLOAD
rapc(sfnet) Road Advertisement Panel Control A web-based system to register the advertisemen... DOWNLOAD
dbpaq(sfnet) DBPAQ DBPAQ is a SQL database engine for large-scale ... DOWNLOAD
palmchmreader(sfnet) ChmReader for Palm A chm reader for palm device. DOWNLOAD
argmax(sfnet) argmax ARGMAX is an open source implementation of stru... DOWNLOAD
snakeiride(sfnet) Snake-iride DOWNLOAD
synapp2(sfnet) synapp2 SynApp2 builds feature-packed web applications ... DOWNLOAD
doogsnx(sfnet) Doogle'Snakes Doogle'Snakes is a snake game. You control a sn... DOWNLOAD
adgali(sfnet) Advanced Game Library Adgali is a library for game programmation. It ... DOWNLOAD
php-validator(sfnet) PHP server side validator PHP Server Side Validator for PHP4 and PHP5, is... DOWNLOAD
imgallery2(sfnet) IMGallery 2 IMGallery2 is a dynamic image gallery. It provi... DOWNLOAD
dhcpsnooper(sfnet) dhcpsnooper DHCP snooper works as DHCP relay, it manipulate... DOWNLOAD
libshiva(sfnet) libShiva Shiva is a C++ library for drawing and animatio... DOWNLOAD
hogit-wp-theme(sfnet) Hogit's Wordpress Warcraft Themes Wordpress themes from Hogit on Silvermoon. DOWNLOAD
scorpionsadv(sfnet) Scorpion's Adventure Scorpion's Adventure is a game in the Prince of... DOWNLOAD
cs-wiki(sfnet) CS-Wiki Wiki Add-in for CommunityServer DOWNLOAD
uno(sfnet) An adaptation of the Uno cards game An adaptation of the Uno card game. Written in ... DOWNLOAD
sudoku-solver99(sfnet) Sudoku Solver The sudoku solver program is a simple command l... DOWNLOAD
ccnetplugins(sfnet) CC.Net Tools A repository of CruiseControl.NET PlugIn's and ... DOWNLOAD
xreport(sfnet) XReport The library XReport is a report viwer based on ... DOWNLOAD
open-sfd(sfnet) Open Simple Flasher/Dumper (OpenSFD) OpenSFD (Open Simple Flasher/Dumper) is a futur... DOWNLOAD
myparo(sfnet) MyParo MP3 Organizer MyParo: My Playlist and Repository Organizer, E... DOWNLOAD
spaceexplore(sfnet) Space Explore The basics of a 3D space shooter. Hope to add ... DOWNLOAD
jp-cchess(sfnet) Jian-pu's Chinese Chess This program allows you to play Chinese chess o... DOWNLOAD
wuffs-moviedb(sfnet) Wuffs MovieDB Wuff's MovieDB is a MySQL-Database with a nice ... DOWNLOAD
oaplite(sfnet) OAP Lite OAP Lite is Optimized Algorithms Platform Lite,... DOWNLOAD
nettoplcsim(sfnet) NetToPLCSim TCP/IP-Network extension for the PLC simulation... DOWNLOAD
delirium-kit(sfnet) delirium-kit This framework is written in javascript languaj... DOWNLOAD
dyn2html(sfnet) dyn2html - Dynamic To Static Web Site This is a PHP script for automatic crawling and... DOWNLOAD
ige(sfnet) Illusion Graphics Engine IGE is a pre-visualization ("previs")... DOWNLOAD
xmms-oggcaster(sfnet) XMMS OggCaster An XMMS plugin that allows streaming of Ogg Vor... DOWNLOAD
indite-en-masse(sfnet) Lucidity - The en masse text editor Lucidity - A collaborative text editor. Allows ... DOWNLOAD
imp3tunes(sfnet) iMP3Tunes iMP3Tunes is an award winning program that allo... DOWNLOAD
gverse(sfnet) gVerse gVerse is a GTK+ program that displays a daily ... DOWNLOAD
netsuiteroot(sfnet) SuiteFlex This project is for collecting the opensource S... DOWNLOAD
brainparty(sfnet) Brain Party Brain Party is a 2D puzzle game for all the fam... DOWNLOAD
iiexe(sfnet) iiexe DOWNLOAD
welskydragontes(sfnet) Wel Skydragon Test DOWNLOAD
livelink(sfnet) LiveLink MPEG-4 AAC VoIP software for Win32. The program... DOWNLOAD
pyi2c(sfnet) pyI2C Pure Python I2C protocol interface over pySeria... DOWNLOAD

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