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bascom-avr(sfnet) Bascom-AVR Programmbeispiele Programmbeispiele aus ISBN 078-3-907857-14-4 DOWNLOAD
sosha(sfnet) Sosha (SourceShadower) Sosha is a .NET/C# program that tracks changes ... DOWNLOAD
sormula(sfnet) Sormula Powerful ORM (Object Relational Mapping) for Ja... DOWNLOAD
hddperf(sfnet) HDD Perf HDD Perf (HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive) is a ... DOWNLOAD
zineditstudios(sfnet) Esential Project This is a project of the new Argentine company ... DOWNLOAD
pharmatia(sfnet) pharmatia Pharmatia es un software desarrollado para la g... DOWNLOAD
tornado(sfnet) Tornado HTTP Server Tornado HTTP Server is a multi-threaded web ser... DOWNLOAD
akiralinux(sfnet) akiraLINUX akiraLINUX - Linux für den Desktop akiraLINUX ... DOWNLOAD
oom(sfnet) Object to Object Mapping This project is a tool for mapping objects to o... DOWNLOAD
syracus-stripes(sfnet) syracus-stripes Extensions to the greate stripes-framework. Nee... DOWNLOAD
timetableme(sfnet) TimeTable ME TimeTableME is an open-source timetable platfor... DOWNLOAD
jacc4wrl(sfnet) JaCC 4 WRL - The Java compiler for WRL This project aims to provide a Java-Bytecode co... DOWNLOAD
macrodie(sfnet) MacroDie This is MacroDie OS for ti83 plus family. It's ... DOWNLOAD
batchprogramhoak(sfnet) Batch program:HOAK Its a program i made. Its just a beginning but ... DOWNLOAD
flavia(sfnet) flavia The purpose of this program is to teach a compu... DOWNLOAD
rhymonary(sfnet) rhymonary A dictionary searching for rhymes using python,... DOWNLOAD
diofantos(sfnet) Diofantos Diofantos is a library for the solution of equa... DOWNLOAD
fluxmed(sfnet) fluxmed Fluxmed is a simple and intuitive program to fa... DOWNLOAD
openda(sfnet) open_data_assimilation Generic data-assimilation toolbox written in ja... DOWNLOAD
compare-pc-cp(sfnet) Comparison of Cartesian Treecodes In molecular simulations it is sometimes necess... DOWNLOAD
eclipseim(sfnet) EclipseIM EclipseIM is an abstract instant messenger plug... DOWNLOAD
prodiki(sfnet) Product Display Kiosk Product Display Kiosk (ProDiKi) allows for beau... DOWNLOAD
corex(sfnet) CoreX Corex and related libaries (BINOS,APS). Designe... DOWNLOAD
sense(sfnet) Sense While my website is down, I am uploading the te... DOWNLOAD
platinum-info-student(sfnet) Platinum Info-Student Platinum Info-Student is a WINDOWS platform dep... DOWNLOAD
jeshop(sfnet) EShopCMS 采用hibernate3+spring+struts2架构 前台采... DOWNLOAD
jsfchartshow(sfnet) JSF Chart Show JSF tag that displays a JFreeChart object DOWNLOAD
lambdaboard(sfnet) LambdaBoard LambdaBoard is an turtle/blackboard graphics li... DOWNLOAD
datacalculator(sfnet) datacalculator Based on the Swipe Toolkit, Data Calculator let... DOWNLOAD
freeget(sfnet) FreeGet Download Manager FreeGet is a powerfull download manager for GNU... DOWNLOAD
bluedoc(sfnet) BlueDoc C++ Bluedoc is a Tool for generating documentation ... DOWNLOAD
winlin(sfnet) Linux emulator for Windows The winlin project is the open source linux emu... DOWNLOAD
logi(sfnet) Logi Logi is an log monitoring client-server framewo... DOWNLOAD
tg15lcd(sfnet) TG15LCD A Delphi G15 Keyboard Class to use without .net DOWNLOAD
turbulence2(sfnet) Turbulence 2 Turbulence 2 is the 2nd version of Project Turb... DOWNLOAD
sawin32(sfnet) SpamAssassin for Win32 SpamAssassin for Win32 is a free and powerful a... DOWNLOAD
smsalert(sfnet) SMS Alert SMSAlert is a simple email proxy, designed to d... DOWNLOAD
flogger(sfnet) Flogger Flogger - a Free Logger. An easy to use and e... DOWNLOAD
openpinboard(sfnet) OpenPinboard OpenPinboard is a web-based pinboard. DOWNLOAD
securingscriba(sfnet) Securing Scriba One of the project requirements is to be able t... DOWNLOAD
cookarray(sfnet) CookArray This Script helps you to save array to cookies ... DOWNLOAD
perl-rms(sfnet) PerlRMS This is a small perl library, that communicates... DOWNLOAD
apple3d(sfnet) AppleTreeD Graphical interface using OpenGL to display a g... DOWNLOAD
thesnake(sfnet) The Snake This is a DOS based game and is developed in C+... DOWNLOAD
coolcollaboratr(sfnet) coolcollaborator 100% Java real-time collaboration client-server... DOWNLOAD
rhinoplugins(sfnet) Rhino Plug-Ins Rhino Plug-In projects. A set of high quality C... DOWNLOAD
edns(sfnet) Enterprise Dns Manager Enterprise Dns Manager is a flexible web based ... DOWNLOAD
jmesoapserver(sfnet) JME SOAP Server SOAP-Server framework for Java Micro Edition (J... DOWNLOAD
rebound(sfnet) Rebound Rebound is a reimplementation of the game calle... DOWNLOAD
carsimulator(sfnet) Car simulator and database This is a program to help intermediate programm... DOWNLOAD
camddr(sfnet) CamDDR Create a virtual DDR pad using only your webcam... DOWNLOAD
phppagecrawler(sfnet) phppagecrawler PHP PAGE CRAWLER is a php script. it's basic ai... DOWNLOAD
jfema(sfnet) JFeMa JFeMa is a program for registering sales of foo... DOWNLOAD
snot(sfnet) Snot Network Congestion Monitor A tool to identify and analyze network congestion. DOWNLOAD
gfi(sfnet) Gestione Fatture e Interventi Piccolo cms da utilizzare per gestire intervent... DOWNLOAD
dunbot(sfnet) DuNBot dunbot is a simple IRC bot. For easier control ... DOWNLOAD
slarg(sfnet) Squid Log Analyzer and Report Generator Squid Log Analyzer and Report Generator. DOWNLOAD
scispeech(sfnet) scispeech SciSpeech is a speech analysis,synthesis,recogn... DOWNLOAD
cupl(sfnet) Common UNIX Programming Library CUPL (Common UNIX Programming Library) is a lib... DOWNLOAD
rss4jsf(sfnet) easily show rss content in JSF pages project goal is easily show rss content in JSF ... DOWNLOAD
cdkatalog(sfnet) cdkatalog It is a perl script for catalogue Disks (CD/DVD... DOWNLOAD
spamavoider(sfnet) Spam stopper A complete email system with mail delivery agen... DOWNLOAD
sithwm(sfnet) Sith window manager Minimalist Window Manager for X, featuring seam... DOWNLOAD
genba4j(sfnet) Genba Tools for Java "Genba" is a Japanese word. It means ... DOWNLOAD
bashsnippets(sfnet) bash_code_snippets Snippets of code for use in bash scripting DOWNLOAD
certnanny(sfnet) CertNanny CertNanny is a client-side program that allows ... DOWNLOAD
dunememories(sfnet) Dune - Memories We are students in University of Miskolc from H... DOWNLOAD
pycompilador(sfnet) pyCompilador Compilador escrito em Python para matéria de Co... DOWNLOAD
lucollector(sfnet) Lucene collector Lucene is a Java full-text search engine, but t... DOWNLOAD
urt(sfnet) Unextensible Ruined Tongue Unextensible Ruined Tongue intended to represen... DOWNLOAD
wallchange(sfnet) wallchange WallChange is a FREE to download open source pr... DOWNLOAD
seguroescolar(sfnet) seguroescolar Sistema de Seguro Escolar - Subsidio de Salud DOWNLOAD
spamgame(sfnet) SpamGAME SpamGAME is a statistical spam filter based on ... DOWNLOAD
jtraductor(sfnet) JTraductor UTEM Requires Java 7. JTraductor is a translator fro... DOWNLOAD
robocoprobocopy(sfnet) RoboCop RoboCopy RoboCop RoboCopy is a GUI skin and script gener... DOWNLOAD
bpnnet(sfnet) BPNNet DOWNLOAD
fbtranslatechung(sfnet) FBtranslate_chung FBtranslate chung is a program to help translat... DOWNLOAD
blox-javgan(sfnet) BLOX Pequeno jogo puzzle semelhante ao Bloxorz. O o... DOWNLOAD
javaagenda(sfnet) JavaAgenda A Multiuser Agenda primarly developed for the n... DOWNLOAD
jdlraw(sfnet) jdlraw jdlRaw manipulates raw images from digital came... DOWNLOAD
joomlatemplates(sfnet) joomla templates We develop Joomla Template for personal free us... DOWNLOAD
modelsbattle(sfnet) Models battle Models battle je 3D akční síťová střílečka, kde... DOWNLOAD
jpbxlite(sfnet) jpbxlite jPBXLite is a Java-based PBX. Supports SIP ex... DOWNLOAD
java-cs-bridge(sfnet) JavaCsBridge A Toolkit for Serlializing/Deserlializing betwe... DOWNLOAD
knowledgebank(sfnet) KnowledgeBank KnowledgeBank is a PHP/mySQL web app that allow... DOWNLOAD
ora-null-for-pg(sfnet) oracle_null_style_for_postgres Trigger function to change every '' in input to... DOWNLOAD
xflows(sfnet) xFloWS xFloWS project aims to provide a graphical tool... DOWNLOAD
datepicker(sfnet) Java Swing Date Picker Date Picker is a Java Swing visual utility that... DOWNLOAD
rummy-py(sfnet) Rummy card game written in Python with wxPython... DOWNLOAD
oscmessage4qt(sfnet) oscmessage4qt This is QT library for OSC message like that of... DOWNLOAD
adurant(sfnet) Adurant This C# library for .NET provides several Java ... DOWNLOAD
albert(sfnet) Albert Albert is a doc-generator for Common Lisp, comp... DOWNLOAD
o2x(sfnet) O2X o2x is a simple library to serialize objects to... DOWNLOAD
spamrep(sfnet) spamrep Auto-submission utility for spam mail reported ... DOWNLOAD
checkmale(sfnet) CheckMail This program is Win32 and X11/Qt4. CheckMail wi... DOWNLOAD
otm(sfnet) OTManager CMS OTManager é um Sistema gerenciador de Conteudo,... DOWNLOAD
perssfv(sfnet) Per's SFV Per's SFV is a simple program to test and creat... DOWNLOAD
jahab(sfnet) Jahab Commander Jahab Commander is a java file manager in a com... DOWNLOAD
j-renamer(sfnet) J-Renamer "J" Renamer is a tiny win32 batch she... DOWNLOAD
olympic-cms(sfnet) Olympic CMS Olympic CMS is an approach on web content manag... DOWNLOAD

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