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gMol is an interactive visualization system used to display and manipulate 3-dimensional models of scientific data, such as molecular structures and surfaces. It contains both OpenGL and web browser widgets that enable flexible user interfaces.

System Requirements

Operating System: MinGW/MSYS (MS Windows), POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..), Linux, VMware

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gmol-1.8.dmg 49.7 MB 2015-03-20 07:52 1
gmol-1.7.4.dmg 46.7 MB 2015-02-12 08:07 2
gmol-1.7.1-installer.exe 63.9 MB 2013-08-10 11:19 21
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gmol-1.8.dmg49.7 MB2015-03-20 07:521
gmol-1.7.4.dmg46.7 MB2015-02-12 08:072
gmol-1.7.1-installer.exe63.9 MB2013-08-10 11:1921